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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt did not break her dad Brad Pitt's heart during her recent trip to Paris, despite a ridiculous tabloid cover story. This phony "world exclusive" takes an innocent act and tries to twist it into something "shocking." Gossip Cop can explain what's going on and bust the report.

"Shiloh Breaks Brad's Heart! What She Did In Paris That Left Dad Pitt Stunned," teases the overly-dramatic new cover of Star. The phrasing was purposely designed to make consumers think something rather serious went down. And inside the issue, a headline declares, "Shiloh Locks Out Brad." Readers might rationally and reasonably conclude the 11-year-old locked him out of the family home, or perhaps banned him from an event with which she was involved. In actuality, the gossip magazine is making a big to-do over a rather inconsequential matter.

While Angelina Jolie and the kids were in Paris last month, they visited the Ponts des Arts bridge, where tourists famously leave "love locks" attached to the structure. So many have been placed over the years that hundreds of "love locks" were removed from the bridge in 2015. But the tradition has continued, and Shiloh supposedly decided to take part by allegedly marking one lock with the first letter of her mom and siblings' names (A, M, P, Z, S, K, V) with a heart and the word "family."

And that, the outlet absurdly claims, is how the tween broke her father's heart. Since there was no "B" for "Brad," a so-called "'insider" speculates, "Being deliberately left out like that had to be devastating for him. Sadly, it may be a sign that the family is divided, with Angie and the kids on one side and poor Brad on the other." The seemingly made-up tipster adds, "It's his worst nightmare come true." But this supposed source is merely making guesses, as the phrases "had to be devastating" and "it may be a sign" indicate.

The speculation continues with the publication's snitch maintaining that Shiloh has been suffering in the wake of her parents' separation. "I'm sure Brad sees the change [in her]," the alleged insider is quoted as saying. That is not a factual statement. It is a supposition. And this article is filled with them.

The tabloid goes on to refer to a psychologist who has never treated Shiloh, yet nonetheless finds it appropriate to read into the young girl's alleged actions. The doctor theorizes that Shiloh is "hurt and angry at her dad for what she perceives as his abandonment." Blame is also put on Jolie by the psychologist, who suggests the actress could be "influencing Shiloh and the children to think all kinds of things about their father."

And it's because of Shiloh's alleged "not-so-subtle message" that Pitt is said to be "determined to win back his kids." The aforementioned "insider" guesses, "I wouldn't be surprised if he launched a full-out offensive in court. He's angry at the way Angie seems to have turned Shiloh against him, and he's ready to hit back hard." In reality, Pitt and Jolie are working out their divorce with a private judge, all in an effort to make it as amicably as possible for their kids. Also notable, it's never said just how Pitt supposedly found out about the alleged "love lock" inscription, yet the purported source insists it "really hurt him."

What really hurts the family is meritless tabloid stories like this one featuring the photo of a minor on its cover. Last October, for example, the magazine fabricated a cover feature about Pitt supposedly deeming his time with Jolie to be "12 years of hell." He said nothing of the sort, but the outlet wanted to give the appearance of a scandal just to sell copies. It seems that is what is shamefully going on now, too.

There's really nothing significant about Shiloh allegedly putting her mom and siblings' initials on a "love lock" given that they were the ones in Paris with her. No crime was committed, and certainly nothing was done that caused Pitt to take offense. Of course, that didn't stop RadarOnline from picking up the tale without bothering to fact-check its claims. This whole storyline is "garbage," Gossip Cop is exclusively told by an impeccable Pitt insider, who wouldn't comment on the record about the actor's children for privacy reasons.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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