Shi’Ann Jones “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch “Who’s Lovin You” Performance

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Shi'Ann Jones Voice Knockouts

By Shari Weiss |

Shi'Ann Jones Voice Knockouts


Shi’Ann Jones was one of the winners of “The Voice” Knockouts on Monday with her cover of “Who’s Lovin You.” Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, 15-year-old Jones had a tough Battle with Stephan Marcellus on “The Voice” last week. After they sang “Oh! Darling” as a duet, coach Jennifer Hudson named Jones the winner, guaranteeing her spot in the Knockouts as a member of Team J-Hud. Still, it was a victory for Marcellus, too, as he was stolen by Miley Cyrus. Now Jones had to focus on staying on Hudson’s team through the third round of the NBC competition.

For the Knockouts, she was paired with Lucas Holliday, but they had to sing separately. In rehearsals with key advisor Kelly Clarkson, Jones explained her love of soulful music like that of the Jackson 5. Now she wanted to show her range and “who I want to be as an artist.” Clarkson found her voice to be “powerful,” but cautioned her about not doing runs all the time. Hudson also agreed with “simplifying” that aspect. Meanwhile, Holliday, singing “Tell It Like It Is,” was encouraged to show a “hint” of his higher voice. Clarkson also urged him to be “vulnerable” and said he could own the stage just by staying in one spot at the microphone stand.

Following the two performances, which featured a killer high note from Jones at the end, Cyrus praised the “layers” of Holliday’s voice and marveled over Jones’ age. “I would say Shi’Ann won this Knockout for me. It was just crazy,” the pop star said. Adam Levine amusingly called Holliday a “freak,” and deemed Jones a “powerhouse.” And Blake Shelton pointed out that the teen “maintained control” while Holliday seemed to go off the rails at times.

Hudson said she was “stuck” on who to pick as the winner, but ultimately deckared, “I think I kneed to go with Shi’Ann.” Check out the videos below!

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