Shia LaBeouf Lost ‘Suicide Squad’ Role For Being “Crazy”

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Shia LaBeouf Suicide Squad Crazy

By Andrew Shuster |

Shia LaBeouf Suicide Squad Crazy

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Shia LaBeouf admits his reputation for being “crazy” cost him a role in Suicide Squad. The actor further details how Warner Bros. deemed him a “loose cannon” and refused to hire him.

Over the past few years, LaBeouf has made headlines for his several alcohol-related arrests, bizarre performance art stunts, rumors of erratic on-set behavior and other controversies. The actor, who’s now been sober for almost a year, tells Variety in a new cover story that his actions have hurt him professionally. LaBeouf explains how Suicide Squad director David Ayer suggested him for a role in the supervillain film after working together on the WWII thriller Fury, but the studio wasn’t on board, and the part went to Scott Eastwood instead.

“The character was different initially,” LaBeouf says of Eastwood’s small supporting role in the comic book movie. “Then Will [Smith] came in, and the script changed a bit.” The actor reveals his proposed character “got written down to build Will up,” as did the role played by Joel Kinnaman, which was initially intended for Tom Hardy. Regardless of the changes, LaBeouf still acknowledges, “I don’t think Warner Bros. wanted me. I went in to meet, and they were like, ‘Nah, you’re crazy. You’re a good actor, but not this one.’ It was a big investment for them.”

On the flip side, LaBeouf believes his “crazy” antics have benefitted his current indie film career. “I don’t think I’d be working with the directors I’ve been working with if I had not f**ked up a bit,” he says. “They wanted a f**king fireball. They wanted a loose cannon.” But in light of his recovery from alcohol, the actor admits, “I’m learning how to distill my ‘crazy’ into something manageable.”

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