Shia LaBeouf Slaps Fan In Face During 24-Hour Elevator Ride Performance Art (VIDEO)

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Shia LaBeouf Slaps Fan Elevator

By Andrew Shuster |


Shia LaBeouf slapped a fan in the face during his performance art piece on Friday at Oxford University, where he rode an elevator with the public for 24 hours. Watch the video below!

Prior to LaBeouf’s speaking engagement at the Oxford Union this past weekend, LaBeouf spent 24 hours in an elevator and invited fans to join him for a quick meet and greet during their ride. As Gossip Cop reported, the actor’s latest stunt was called #ELEVATE, and it was live streamed online for all to enjoy.

At one point during LaBeouf’s stunt, a man who claimed to be a fellow performance artist asked the actor if he’d be kind enough to “help me with the completion of my next piece by punching me in the face?” The reluctant actor responded, “Aw, man. You want me to punch you in the face?… I don’t want to punch you very hard.” But in an effort to goad the actor into hitting him, the man said, “Do it, do it! Don’t be a p*ssy!”

LaBeouf, however, declined the offer, and so the fan requested “at least” a slap. He added, “This is the man who gave himself two scars for the f***ng film,” referring to the actor’s World War II movie, Fury, for which LaBeouf actually cut his own face to get into character. “I’ll do it to myself, I don’t like doing it to you dude,” the actor shot back. “I just met you, bro.” But the fan insisted that LaBeouf strike him, and so the actor finally gave in. The elevator doors remained closed during most of the LaBeouf’s performance piece, so you can’t witness the actual incident, but an audible slap can be heard in footage below.


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