Shia LaBeouf Random Mystery Tweets Solved – Find Out What They Mean! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Shia LaBeouf Mystery Tweets Meaning

By Andrew Shuster |

Shia LaBeouf Mystery Tweets Meaning

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Shia LaBeouf’s Twitter feed is constantly filled with random and mysterious tweets, the meaning of which have confounded his fans. Gossip Cop did some investigating, and we’ve gotten to the bottom of LaBeouf’s recent cryptic tweets. The explanation? The actor is quoting very random lines from his own movies!

As Gossip Cop reported, after LaBeouf was arrested for public intoxication in Austin earlier this month, he broke his social media silence with the tweet, “I talk, just not to you.” The message was retweeted nearly 10,000 times, with his followers trying to interpret what it meant. Unfortunately, Gossip Cop can’t tell you exactly what that particularly quote means, but it seems very likely that he’s quoting one of his movies.

Since tweeting “I talk, just not to you” on October 11, the actor has been posting one additional line a day. Gossip Cop has decoded the majority of the subsequent tweets, which have all been posted within the past two weeks. “All my life, I seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time” is a line his character said in 2003’s Holes. “Patience, Beans” is from his 2003 Disney Channel show “Even Stevens.” “Paparazzi, paparazzi,” is a line he shouts in the 2003 Disney Channel movie Tru Confessions. “This is Kramer, Chas Kramer a-hole” is from 2005’s Constantine.

“My name’s Dito, I’m gonna leave everybody in this film” comes from the 2006 movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. “Anne Bancroft is not gonna show her breasts in a film” is from 2006’s Bobby. “Do you think he sees us” is from 2007’s Disturbia. “So, why are you guys here to interview me” comes from his 2007 animated movie Surf’s Up. And finally, the most random line comes from his biggest movie. “Sorry, I got a lot of stuff” is a very obscure quote from 2007’s Transformers.

Again, the origin of “I talk, just not to you,” in addition to a couple of other tweets, still remains unsolved. Tell Gossip Cop if you can figure out what other films LaBeouf is quoting on his Twitter page.


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