Shia LaBeouf Trying To Kick Aunt Out Of Apartment To Collect On Loan

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Shia LaBeouf Aunt Apartment

By Michael Lewittes |

Shia LaBeouf Aunt Apartment

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Shia LaBeouf wants to kick his aunt out of her New York City apartment because his uncle owes him more than $1 million the actor loaned him. It all stems from LaBeouf giving his mom Shayna’s brother, Barry Saide, $840,000 to help keep his employment agency afloat after it went into debt following the financial crisis of 2009.

Since then, LaBeouf has been trying to collect on the loan, which has ballooned to more than $1 million, thanks to legal fees and interest. In February 2014, the actor won a lawsuit against Saide, but he has yet to be paid back.

Saide, for his part, said in court papers, “Prior to Shia’s ascendancy to film stardom… I loaned Shayna hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist in the support of Shayna and Shia.” He added, “I never sought repayment of this money; Shayna, Shia and I are family.” But now LaBeouf wants repayment, and is seeking it in the form of his aunt and uncle’s apartment.

His aunt, Sharon Saide, however, told a New York judge that while LaBeouf may want his money back, he has no legal claim to the luxury apartment, which under oath she said she bought in 2004 with money she inherited from her grandmother. Furthermore, she pointed out that only she’s listed on the deed as the owner of the condo, and the apartment LaBeouf is looking to take possession of is valued at more than $2.5 million, which is far greater than the debt he’s owed. Sharon Saide noted, “They want to intimidate and pressure me into giving the apartment to them to pay Barry’s judgment for which I have no liability.”

Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for LaBeouf, but has yet to hear back.


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