Shelby Brown “The Voice” Audition Video: “Stars” Singer, 16, Scores Last Four-Chair Turn — WATCH HERE!

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Shelby Brown The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Shelby Brown The Voice Audition Video


Shelby Brown scored the final four-chair turn on Tuesday’s “The Voice,” the last episode of blind auditions for season 9. Watch below!

The 16-year-old had the coaches perked up as soon as she began singing Grace Potter’s “Stars,” and once she hit the chorus, all four hit their buzzers almost simultaneously. At the end, she received a standing ovation, leading her to burst into tears. And Pharrell even stood up to applaud for a second time when he learned her age.

“That’s what being 16 years old, being driven and dreamin’ super hard gets you,” he told Brown. “It gets you everybody in here standing up and clapping for you.” He went on to say, “You deserve four chairs to turn around, and finding out that you’re 16 years old, it makes us feel even better, because we want people back home to know they have an opportunity to come on this show and win.”

Gwen Stefani went on to marvel at the “experience” with which Brown sings given that she’s “only been alive for 16 years.” “That’s really mind-blowing to me,” she admitted. Meanwhile, an enthusiastic Adam Levine told Brown, “The brilliant moments were so brilliant, I have to be part of it. I have one spot left on my team — one spot! And I couldn’t be more sure the spot on my team was made for you, Shelby. I know it!”

Upon hearing that Brown is traditionally a country singer, he tried to lock her up, prompting Levine to quip, “Look away from the Blake!” Still, Shelton told the contestant, “All you gotta do is come on my team and let’s make you a country star!” But in the end, Brown chose to work with Levine, completing his team. Check out the video below! Note: Video no longer available.


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