John Mayer and Shawn Mendes are really great friends, according to Mayer's Instagram page. Honestly, it's no wonder the two became friends considering they both sing, play the guitar, and can boast about their thick, luscious hair. When you factor in the fact that they've both dated famous ladies (and Mendes is currently dating one of the hottest pop stars of the moment, Camila Cabello), their friendship is inevitable.

Shawn Mendes and John Mayer are the perfect match

If you go through Mayer's Instagram, you'll find photos of the "Daughters" singer on stage performing both solo and with Dead & Co. There's also the prerequisite selfies and memes, but you don't have to dig too deep to find Mendes in Mayer's collection of photos. Mayer is something of a mentor to Mendes in that they're both singer-songwriters and they can both shred on a guitar.

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Keeping that in mind, it totally follows that when Mayer came back for season 3 of his IGTV show Current Mood, he'd invite Mendes on as his special guest. That wasn't the only special guest Mayer had in store for the Season 3 premiere: Shawn Mendes' girlfriend and former member of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello, also made an appearance.

They might be the cutest combination ever

The chemistry between the two of them was immediately visible. John Mayer kept the younger singer on his toes right from the beginning. First he assured Shawn Mendes that he wouldn't ask any "uncomfortable questions," before pulling a bait and switch, saying, "Although we have to get one — I have to ask you one question...We have to get to the elephant in the room." Mayer leans off camera for a second, then comes back holding a bottle of purple sports drink. "Can you open this Powerade bottle?" Mendes, and the people off camera, all laugh, all the tension instantly broken. Throughout the video, Mayer acts like Mendes' older brother, teasing him just enough to be fun without making him actually uncomfortable. It's easy to see why Mendes would be drawn to him and why Mayer would enjoy Mendes' boyish energy.

Gotta show off those musical chops, though

Of course, a video featuring two singers of John Mayer and Shawn Mendes' caliber would be incomplete without one or both of them breaking into song at some point. Mayer played the guitar while Mendes sang lines from a stack of cue cards Mayer had prepared for him. Mayer, being the little imp he is, of course prepared some "unsavory lines" that had the younger singer laughing as he sang. Some of the gems include: "Would you mind if I smoked the rest of your cigar, baby?" "I went out in the rain and now my slacks are moist!" Mendes then admitted that he didn't know what "slacks" were, so Mayer kindly explained that they were "the worst imaginable name for pants."

Obviously, these two are adorable together, and their love fest didn't start with this episode of Current Mood. John Mayer wrote the sweetest post to celebrate Shawn Mendes' 21st birthday, and nicer things could not have been said about the "Lost In Tokyo" singer.

Mendes is a little more low-key about their friendship, sharing only one snap of the two singers together that we could find on his Instagram, but it was no less sweet.

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This is exactly the collaboration we needed to see. Check out the video below to catch every magic moment.


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