Shawn Mendes Fans Rant After “Today” Concert Pushed For Dallas Shooting Coverage

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Shawn Mendes Today Dallas

By Shari Weiss |

Shawn Mendes Today Dallas

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Shawn Mendes fans are ranting on Twitter after the broadcast of his “Today” show concert was pushed due to continued coverage of the Dallas shooting.

As Gossip Cop reported, five police officers were fatally shot late Thursday at the end of what had been a peaceful protest over the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Though NBC was extensively covering the tragedy, it initially seemed like Mendes’ concert would still take be featured as planned, as he tweeted early Friday morning that he was doing sound check. But the performance ultimately didn’t air as the network (and other news stations) went live to Dallas for a press conference.

And “ShawnMendesTODAY” ended up becoming a trending topic not because of the morning show’s Citi Concert Series, but because the singer’s fans were upset and angry that they couldn’t see him perform on TV. ‏@citybiebs tweeted, “okay I get this important but We’re not gonna get to see it.” @sparklestylin wrote, “I didn’t get up at 6 to have Shawn be cut off 4 minutes before his performance.” @MemorizeDolans announced, “I can’t see Shawn because of this damn news report. I’m pissed.”

@nicelylukey said, “I understand how important this is but I got up early to watch Shawn and I would really like to do that. @SummerS1999 argued, “They could of done this special report after Shawn performed!!” And @ClaryJessica posted, “Raise your hand if you’re never watching the today show again after Shawn performs because we don’t get to see Shawn.”

It later became clear that Mendes did perform for the fans who showed up, but it wasn’t known if the footage would eventually make its way on to TV. @Gypsy_145 commented, “Very bummed, woke up my very excited 6 year old and she is heartbroken. #ShawnMendesTODAY A little video replay would be nice. And @MemorizeDolans again tweeted, “This isn’t fair. Something should be done so everyone can see. This was a big step for Shawn & his supporters wanna see it.”

That’s not to say every fan was complaining about the situation. One user, @shawn_muffins, posted a type-written message about the gravity of the situation. The person wrote, “I am all for Shawn, trust me, but all you guys saying ‘finally the report is over!’ Or ‘take us back to shawn’ it’s really sad. Twelve people were shot and five died. Five families have lost someone they loved today, so have some respect.”

“You can watch replays of Shawns performance anytime,” continued the fan, “but those five people will never live again. Have some respect.” With Twitter flooded with complaints, the official “Today” account eventually tweeted, “Our @ShawnMendes concert was pre-empted for a special report. East Coast viewers can watch on #ShawnMendesTODAY.” Click to watch the Mendes concert videos.

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