Shawn Mendes has become a massive star within the recent years, and it's easy to see why. The Canadian singer rose to fame with his hit single, "Stitches," which rose to the number ten spot on the music charts. Mendes is also well-known for his highly-publicized relationship with singer Camila Cabello. The couple began dating in July 2019 after they collaborated on the song, "Senorita", which was their second collaboration.

Mendes and Cabello faced some scrutiny for their relationship, due to many believing it was a "publicity stunt" for their latest single. Mendes, however, has been fiercely protective of his relationship with the singer and has assured fans that it's the real thing. He even joined Cabello when she got her first tattoo, something Mendes is into himself. Currently, the "Treat You Better" singer has several tattoos of his own, including one directly inspired by a fan. How he got the tattoo is a story within itself.

Shawn Mendes experienced the Butterfly Effect

The tattoo is an image of a butterfly whose wings are half-bursting into a bouquet of flowers that is placed on his arm. He originally found the design in a unique situation. A super fan of the singer, Kayla, posted a picture of Mendes that was fake but it showed the singer with a tattoo of the butterfly. The fan tweeted, "Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo, I rest my case," as the caption for the photo. The next day, Mendes retweeted it, asking the fan, "Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing ??"

Of course, Kayla messaged Mendes the edited photo. The tattoo she placed on his arm in the picture was originally created by an artist based in Chile. Mendes worked with tattoo artist Livia Tsang to make it happen. Tsang shared the finished product on her Instagram page, with the caption: "For the best" under the photo. Tsang also tagged the original artist of the design in the picture as well.

Mendes has gotten inspiration for his designs from social media in the past. In 2017, Mendes stated that he got a fan-inspired tattoo when he asked his fans to come up with a design to celebrate his second album, Illuminate. "They designed this lightbulb with roots coming out of the bottom. On the inside are these blue orchids, the same color that we've used for the whole tour. It was beautiful," Mendes stated on Heat Radio's morning show.


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