Shaun White Tells Jimmy Kimmel He Had Same Heart Surgery As His Baby (VIDEO)

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Shaun White Jimmy Kimmel Baby Heart

By Andrew Shuster |

Shaun White Jimmy Kimmel Baby Heart


On Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Shaun White revealed that he was born with the same heart condition as the talk show host’s infant son and underwent a similar surgery as a baby. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kimmel shared during his monologue on Monday night that his newborn son, William “Billy” Kimmel, was born with serious health complications and underwent surgery at three days old to repair a blocked valve and hole in his heart. The baby boy is now recovering at home with his family, and many celebrities tweeted support to Kimmel and his son.

White, a gold-medal winning Olympic snowboarder, was able to alleviate some of Kimmel’s worry by explaining that he had the same condition as a baby and is now very active and healthy. “Oh no! My son’s going to be a snowboarder,” Kimmel joked, to which the athlete responded, “That is a side effect, yes.” White went on to note he was also “slowly turning blue,” like the host’s baby, “and my parents knew something was up.” He added, “The doctors came in, found out that was the scenario, the heart condition.”

Seeing photos of Kimmel’s baby hooked up to tubes following his surgery brought back memories for White, who divulged, “I have a lot of socks from when I was that age… The only thing my mom could dress me in was socks because she couldn’t touch me in my tube there.” The snowboarder said he underwent three surgeries in total, but is now completely recovered, aside from having to get his heart monitored every few years.

Kimmel further expressed to the Olympic champion, “You are an inspiration to a lot of families who go through this situation. It makes me believe that my son, too, is going to win Olympic gold medals for the United States of America.” But the host clarified, “Only if they make pizza-eating an Olympic event.” Watch White’s full interview below.

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