Sharon Osbourne “Weeks To Live” Report Is Fake News

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Sharon Osbourne Dying

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Sharon Osbourne Dying

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Sharon Osbourne does not have “weeks to live,” despite an alarming, but fortunately false, tabloid report. The story represents the worst kind of fake news: A made-up allegation that, quite literally, is a matter of life and death. Gossip Cop can correct the misinformation.

Osbourne has been increasingly open over the last few months about suffering a back injury that required surgery and time off from “The Talk.” She candidly discussed having nerve problems around her spine, and even admitted she had to temporarily give up high heels for a proper recovery. It was no doubt a serious ailment, but the National Enquirer has now gone to extremes, alleging Osbourne is “fighting for life.”

According to the supermarket tabloid, Osbourne is “on her last legs,” and “friends fear” she has only “weeks to live.” As evidence, the gossip magazine mentions her “risky procedure,” and asserts she appeared “frail” as she walked with a cane at Elton John’s star-studded birthday back in March. The publication even quotes Osbourne as saying her back is “killing me.”

Apparently the publication didn’t take that just as a figure of speech. Rather, it cites a so-called “insider,” who predicts, “This could be the end of Sharon.” Yet the magazine never explains why this back injury would mean Osbourne has “weeks to live.” Nor is it acknowledged that using a cane is part of her recovery process. As for the British star looking “frail,” anyone watching the Daytime Emmys a few days ago or tuning into “The Talk” can see she looks just fine.

In fact, it was on the CBS talk show on Thursday that Osbourne called out the tabloids and gossip media for its lies. And this scary report about her being near death is indeed a lie, her rep confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop. It doesn’t even make sense for the National Enquirer to claim now in early May that Osbourne’s appearance at John’s March birthday party is proof she has “weeks to live” as that event took place more than a month ago.

Of course, this isn’t the first time, though, that the tabloid has wrongly given a celebrity a death date. Most recently, the shameful publication insisted in February that Regis Philbin was weeks away from dying. Well, many weeks have past and he’s still with us, just like Osbourne. To make up fake news about a star dying simply because of their age or a particular medical issue is reprehensible.