Sharon Osbourne Split “The Talk” Video: I Don’t Know If I’m Divorcing Ozzy Osbourne

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Sharon Osbourne Talk Video Ozzy Split

By Shari Weiss |

Sharon Osbourne Talk Video Ozzy Split


Sharon Osbourne broke her silence on her split from Ozzy Osbourne on “The Talk” on Tuesday. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was revealed over the weekend that the Osbournes had separated after 33 years of marriage. Some reports accused Ozzy of cheating on Sharon, and he’s only spoken out so far to deny he has relapsed. For her part, Sharon took the day off from “The Talk” on Monday.

But now she returned to the CBS show to set the record straight. Sharon walked out holding hands with Sheryl Underwood, and had a drink in her other hand. The crowd then broke into cheers of “Sharon, Sharon!”

Julie Chen then asked her, “Is that a tall glass of lemonade?” Sharon confirmed, “Yes it is!” Chen then said her colleague has been “avoiding” all the media, prompting Sharon to say, “I know what’s going on. I don’t need to read about it or see it. It’s like pouring salt in the wound.”

So, what IS going on? “I’m doing great,” Sharon insisted. “I honestly, honestly cannot thank people enough for their backing me, for saying they love me.” She said she feels “empowered” with a newfound “inner strength,” and “I’m like, What’s next? I can handle this!”

Chen then asked point-blank if she kicked Ozzy out of their home. “It’s true,” Sharon said, prompting cheers from the audience. But now, “He’s back, and I’m out of the house.” She explained, “It’s right for me because I honestly at this point today have no idea what I’m doing with the rest of my life… I just need time to think.”

That said, Sharon acknowledged their current issues are different this time. “I’m 63 years of age, and I can’t keep living like this,” she said to more applause. The co-host went on say she and Ozzy are speaking, but she’s not “with” him. “I love Ozzy dearly. He’s given me an unbelievable life. He’s given me three gorgeous children. I love him,” she said.

Asked if there’s a chance they’ll stay married, Sharon said, “I don’t know. Because I don’t know what I want.” She later added, “I’m not going to cry about anything, because there’s nothing to cry about.” All that said, none of the cheating allegations were addressed, except for Sharon’s allusion to Beyonce’s Lemonade, an album about infidelity… and overcoming it.

The Osbournes previously split temporarily in 2013, when Ozzy last relapsed. Like now, Sharon also spoke candidly about that separation on “The Talk.” Check out the new clips below.


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