Sharon Osbourne Using “Smart Mattress” To Tell If Ozzy Osbourne Cheats?!

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Sharon Osbourne Smart Mattress Ozzy

By Shari Weiss |

Sharon Osbourne Smart Mattress Ozzy

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Is Sharon Osbourne using a “smart mattress” to tell if Ozzy Osbourne is cheating?! That’s the crazy claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the outrageous allegation.

The story can be found in the pages of the National Enquirer, with the headline blaring, “If Ozzy’s Mattress Twitches, Sharon Busts Horny Bitches!” In ridiculously unnatural language, the supermarket tabloid warns the rocker that Sharon is “about to high-tech your cheatin’ ass with a state-of-the-art computerized techno-mattress equipped with incredibly sensitive sensors that’ll detect ALL beneath-the-sheets-hanky-panky.”

A so-called “spy” is quoted as telling the publication, “Sharon’s ordered a ‘smart’ mattress that detects any sexual encounter with computerized gizmos that measure intensity, impact-per-minute, pressure points, etc — then alerts Suspicious Spouse by cellphone if their partner is cheating, signaling that your bed is, uh, ‘in use.'”

The magazine notes, “Made by a Spanish company, it’s aptly dubbed a ‘Smartress.'” Indeed, such a product does exist, and received a fair amount of media attention in April of this year. Tellingly, though, the outlet’s story doesn’t mention when Sharon bought the item or whether Ozzy knows about it.

What’s more is that the National Enquirer doesn’t even spell the name correctly. It’s “Smarttress” — with two Ts. When the tabloid can’t be bothered to get little facts like that right, it’s hard not to be suspicious of the whole tale. And with good reason. Reps for Sharon exclusively tell Gossip Cop that the allegations she’s actually using the “smart mattress” are “insane.”

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