Sharon Osbourne “Smart Mattress” Claim Is Late And Wrong

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Sharon Osbourne Smart Mattress

By Andrew Shuster |

Sharon Osbourne Smart Mattress

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Sharon Osbourne is NOT using a “smart mattress” that can detect if Ozzy Osbourne has been cheating, despite a late and wrong report that Gossip Cop already debunked. We can once again correct this claim.

According to the Daily Star, Sharon has spent more than $3,500 on a high-tech bed with built-in sensors that will notify her whenever it’s being used. This mattress can also tell how many people are on top of it and can produce a 3D image showing the movement and pressure being made. In the wake of Ozzy’s cheating scandal, a so-called “close friend” of the couple tells the outlet why Sharon is supposedly using the bed. “It’s not that Sharon is paranoid,” says the questionable source. “If you were married to Ozzy wouldn’t you want to be able to keep tabs on exactly who’s been sleeping in your bed?”

The publication’s dubious insider adds, “She’s forgiven Ozzy for his latest infidelities but reckons their new Smartress will be a great safeguard to stop him bouncing around on their bed with anyone but her.” But while the Smartress is in fact a real product produced by a Spanish company, Sharon simply hasn’t bought one. Gossip Cop already busted this bogus story last month when the National Enquirer falsely claimed Sharon bought a smart mattress to discover if Ozzy cheats. Reps for Sharon exclusively told us the story was “insane,” and nothing has changed in the time since.


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