EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Osbourne’s New PETA Campaign — Why I Stopped Wearing Fur

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Sharon Osbourne PETA Campaign Video

By Shari Weiss |

Sharon Osbourne PETA Campaign Video


Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal Sharon Osbourne stars in a new PETA campaign, in which she explains why she stopped wearing fur and exposes the brutal torture of chinchillas, who are murdered to make fur coats. Watch the heartbreaking videos below.

Osbourne has teamed up with the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals for two new campaign videos. In one, “The Talk” co-host acknowledges her own past love of fur, and shares why she will never wear it again. “The reasons I stopped wearing fur was because I was educating myself through documentaries on what goes into actually making these fur coats and fur scarves I was wearing,” says Osbourne, “and when I realized how it was done, I was sickened. I was absolutely sickened by it.”

In the second video, Osbourne narrates an investigation into fur factories in California and Michigan. She begins, “I used to wear animal fur, but I had a change of heart when I learned how terribly the animals suffer. Among the smallest victims are chinchillas, native to the Andes mountains in South America. These animals are now found in dismal cages on fur farms.”

Footage shows how the owner of a fur farm in Michigan kills the chinchillas by breaking their necks. More than 400 animals were at this particular location, with more than 150 being required to make a single coat. “No federal humane slaughter law exists to protect animals on fur factory farms,” notes Osbourne, going on to detail how at one California fur farm, the chinchillas are electrocuted, which immobilizes them but doesn’t stop brain activity. The tiny animals are conscious and, as Osbourne reveals, “experience all the pain and agony of a full-blown heart attack.”

Osbourne says, “I’m happy to report these 424 animals [in California] were all rescued, and PETA shut down this farm for good. After having lived in misery and isolation, their suffering ended. Please do your part: Never buy or wear any fur or fur trim — and tell others why.”

Osbourne’s daughter Kelly is also a PETA supporter. Check out the star’s new videos below.


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