Sharon Osbourne: I Left ‘The Talk’ To Deal With Depression – LISTEN

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Sharon Osbourne Depression talk

By Michael Lewittes |

Sharon Osbourne Depression talk

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Sharon Osbourne addressed her month-long hiatus from “The Talk” this past spring, revealing for the first time that she had been privately suffering from depression. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Osbourne cited exhaustion for taking a break from the CBS show after collapsing in her Los Angeles home in May. But on Monday, Osbourne acknowledged in a radio interview with Jenny McCarthy that she really took time off because of a bout with depression. Listen to the interview below.

Speaking to McCarthy on SiriusXM, Osbourne began by clearing up speculation that her time off from the show was really related to getting plastic surgery. She then admitted to McCarthy, “I’d gone a bit crazy for a while. I suffer from really bad depression from time to time. When I’ve got one on me, it’s bad. It’s really heinous.”

Osbourne said she addressed the problem with doctor-prescribed medication, but that some of what she was given left her in a worse state than before. “The Talk” co-host noted she had “tried about four or five [medications] before I found one that suited my chemistry, and now I’m okay.”

Listen to the interview below with Sharon Osbourne and Jenny McCarthy, and tell Gossip Cop what you think about the TV personality opening up about her depression.


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