Sharon Osborne Pushing Out Co-Hosts

There has been a bit of a host shakeup on The Talk recently and a tabloid report claims Sharon Osborne is to blame. According to the report, the reason both Marie Osmond and Eve left the show recently was due to a “power grab” by Osbourne. Find out more here.

Elle MacPherson in a black dress.
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Elle MacPherson Has Split With Anti-Vax Doctor

Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson has been dating Andrew Wakefield for a while now, but one recent article claims she and Wakefield have split because of Wakefield’s controversial position as the “unofficial father of the anti-vax movement.”

Closeup of Katie Holmes with short hair.

Katie Holmes Married To Emilio Vitolo

Last week, OK! wrote that Katie Holmes eloped with her boyfriend, chef Emilio Vitolo in a small ceremony at city hall in New York City. The outlet’s source seemed to know a lot of details, but Gossip Cop set the record straight

Kanye West signs autographs wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses

Kanye Wants To Clone Himself

Another report just out this week is alleging Kanye West is speaking to scientists about the possibility of cloning himself. The icon is coming off his strange Presidential run and sees this as an opportunity to live forever. He’s also planning to freeze himself after he dies so he can be revived one day.

Screenshot from What's Eating Gilbert Grape with Leonardo DiCaprio on the right and Johnny Depp on the left.
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Johnny Depp And Leonardo DiCaprio Have Been Feuding For Years

According to a story in Woman’s Day, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio have been at odds for more than two decades after shooting What’s Eating Gilbert Grape together in the 90s. Gossip Cop clarified what’s really going on between the two superstars.


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