Sharon Irving “America’s Got Talent” Video: “Imagine” Performance Would Make John Lennon “Proud” — WATCH HERE!

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Sharon Irving America's Got Talent Video September 8

By Shari Weiss |

Sharon Irving America's Got Talent Video September 8


Sharon Irving’s emotional performance of “Imagine” earned her a standing ovation from all four judges on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the phenomenal singer has continually blown away the judges through every step of the competition. In her pre-taked package for the semifinals, Irving admitted that “never in a million years would have thought of this.” She noted, “I think I dreamed of it. I had big dreams. But dreams are dreams. You don’t always expect for them to come true.”

It was so unbelievably fitting then when Irving sang John Lennon’s classic, with the lyrics, “You may say I’m dreamer/But I’m not the only one.” The contestant had to choke back some tears towards the end, and Mel B was also moved. She said afterward, “Sharon, there’s nothing you can do that is wrong. Every song you sing, every note — it’s just perfect. You can sing anything, absolutely anything, and make it your own, and evoke such emotion, and not just within yourself but for the whole entire audience and the people at home. I praise you.”

Heidi Klum simply said, “I only have one word for you and that is ‘perfection.'” And despite there being three impressive singers earlier in the show, Howard Stern told Irving, “You are the best singer of this competition, hands down. There is no other in your category.” And, noting that Lennon is his all-time favorite musician, the judge even said, “Tonight you did him proud. I love you. You are a superstar.”

Howie Mandel then wrapped things up beautifully by using the lyrics to “Imagine.” “Imagine you’re in the finals. It’s easy if we try. You may think I’m a dreamer, but I don’t think I’m the only one. I think America is on board,” he said. And with that, Irving finally let the tears flow.

Check out the video below. Do you believe Irving will be one of the finalists?


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