Sharon Irving “America’s Got Talent Video: “Glory” Performance Gets Standing Ovation — WATCH HERE!

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Sharon Irving Glory America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Sharon Irving Glory America's Got Talent Video


Sharon Irving took on the Oscar-winning song “Glory” on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday, and received an enthusiastic standing ovation from all four judges. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Irving was Mel B’s Golden Buzzer pick during the initial auditions. By using her one-and-only push on Irving, the judge sent the contestant straight to the third round of the competiton, the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. Now taking the stage to close the live broadcast, Irving chose to do “Glory,” from the civil rights movie Selma, in honor of her grandfather who walked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all those years ago.

Amazingly, Irving did BOTH John Legend’s singing and Common’s rap verse from the critically-acclaimed song. All the judges were on their feet by the end, and Mel B announced, “I am so glad that I hit my Golden Buzzer for you. Honestly, you are just a natural. The stage, singing is where you are meant to be… You are a bonafide superstar already. Already! You’re right there!”

Howie Mandel began by telling his fellow panelist, “Thank you, Mel. This Golden Buzzer was so worthy of her being here.” He then told Irving, “You should be singing songs exactly the way you sang tonight. You have a message for the people… You can change the world with your voice and your talent.”

Heidi Klum called the performance “inspirational all the way around,” and noted, “And we have seen a lot of amazing acts tonight, but yours really stood out.” But the highest praise of all came from Howard Stern. “We gotta end this on a super super high, because what you just did up there is brilliant. You are a superstar,” he declared.

Stern, however, then added, “And I’m gonna tell you, you’re not only the best singer in the entire contest this year, but you may be the million dollar winner, because what a performance!” Check out the video below, and tell us if you agree!


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