Sharon Irving America’s Got Talent Audition Video: Mel B Uses Golden Buzzer For “Take Me To Church” Singer – WATCH!

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Sharon Irving America's Got Talent Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Sharon Irving America's Got Talent Audition Video


Sharon Irving’s amazing rendition of “Take Me To Church” got Mel B to use the “America’s Got Talent” Golden Buzzer on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

The 29-year-old from Chicago said she grew up singing in church, inspired by her grandfather who was a Baptist preacher who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The contestant left her job a year and a half ago to pursue a singing career, and her “hustling” led her to the “America’s Got Talent” stage. And the judges were more than happy to have her there.

The panel was riveted as Irving infused the hit Hozier song with soul, and they gave her a standing ovation immediately afterward. Mel B even pointed out that Heidi Klum practically leapt out of her seat, and the supermodel told the singer, “You have that special gift. You’re very unique, very raw, very honest, amazing voice.”

Howard Stern said to Irving, “I really do not get off my chair for much, but I know when someone’s great because I’m sitting here watching you and all of a sudden I get the chills, and I go, ‘Oh, I’m in love. She’s phenomenal. She’s so fantastic. I’m a fan!'” The shock jock went on, “You can sing the phone book. You’re a real talent. Man, is this going to be an exciting season because of someone like you!”

Howie Mandel noted, “Sometimes people have a gift where we can move our hearts, and you moved every heart in this room, and I think you moved every heart in America.” And Mel told Irving, “Even though you say you’ve been singing, I feel like it was almost the first time you really embraced your voice. You sent chills down my spine. The whole audience — you can hear a pin drop, literally.”

The Spice Girl went on, “For that reason alone, I feel compelled to do something that I have never done before. You wanna know what that is? I’m going to press the Golden Buzzer!” The judge then pushed the button, sending confetti booming onto the stage. Mel then ran up, saying, “I have to give you a hug! Honest to god, it was just ridiculously good! Amazing!”

As Gossip Cop has reported, each judge can only use the new Golden Buzzer once, picking just one act to send straight to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. Mandel pushed the button for stuttering comedian Drew Lynch on the season 10 premiere last month, while Stern last week selected dance and visual arts act Freckled Sky. Irving now joins that elite group, and Klum is the only judge left who can use the advantage. Watch the video below!


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