Shaquille O’Neal Blocked Fan’s View At “Hamilton”?

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Shaquille O'Neal Hamilton

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Shaquille O'Neal Hamilton

(Javier Munoz/Twitter)

At 7 feet and one inch, Shaquille O’Neal is tall. But is Shaq so tall that he blocked a fan’s view at Hamilton?! That’s the claim coming from a tabloid and an online blog.

The National Enquirer begins its article by asserting, “Can you imagine waiting a year to see Broadway’s biggest hit, Hamilton, and then sitting behind Shaquille O’Neal? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one youngster recently.” A so-called “eyewitness” is quoted as saying, “The kid looked so excited when Shaq walked into the theater. Shaq was super nice, and stopped to take pictures.” But, contends the supermarket tabloid, “the kid wasn’t so thrilled when seven-foot-one Shaq sat down in front of him!” The gossip magazine adds that the iconic athlete “felt terrible for folks behind him, but he just wanted to see Hamilton.”

Notably, the publication never says when this incident supposedly took place, with whom O’Neal attended the show or if any theatergoers complained. It’s also curious that the web version featured on Naughty Gossip, which shares a writer with the print outlet, is written slightly differently. For instance, while the “eyewitness” quote in the National Enquirer is “Shaq was super nice, and stopped to take pictures,” the one featured by the webloid states, “He was super nice and stopped to take pictures with people in the audience.” Typically, when slightly different quotes appear in two connected places, it’s because they were manufactured.

That led Gossip Cop to dig deeper. As mentioned above, the tabloid doesn’t give a date for O’Neal’s stage-blocking appearance, but the site, which dramatically says he “ruined” the musical, contends it “happened last week.” But the former NBA superstar wasn’t at Hamilton “last week.” As documented in a photo shared by cast member Javier Munoz (see above), O’Neal went to the show on October 12. We scoured social media for other references to his attendance, and found a Twitter user in Australia who retweeted Munoz’s post and posited, “Imagine finally getting tickets to Hamilton and your[‘e] sitting behind Shaq.”

Sound familiar? A number of people who replied to Munoz’s tweets also made similar comments. Gossip Cop also found this tweet from the day after the show: “@SHAQ Hi Shaq! I went to Hamilton last night with my parents. What was your favorite part? From, Ellen (8 years old).” Is it just coincidence that roughly three weeks after O’Neal was at Hamilton and these tweets were sent that stories surfaced claiming he blocked a young kid’s view at the show? It’s almost as if these tales were concocted only after the National Enquirer and Naughty Gossip got the idea from seeing those messages.

What’s more is Gossip Cop also emailed the show’s rep, who said on the record he was unaware of any complaints over O’Neal’s seating. In other words, the only aspect here that can actually be confirmed is that Shaq is now one of the many celebrities who have gone to see Hamilton. And that’s it.

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