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Shannen Doherty didn't shy away from confrontations during her three season run on Beverly Hills, 90210. Doherty famously got canned from the show right before the fourth season aired, leading to rumors of potential in-fighting among the cast. Her 90210 cast mates have spoken out over the years, airing their grievances with the Charmed actress and revealing why Doherty wasn't a favorite on set.

Doherty's time on Beverly Hills, 90210 was marked with rumors of multiple feuds. The most well-known conflict was arguably the animosity between Doherty and co-star Jennie Garth. The two had always had a tumultuous relationship, which Garth explored in her book, Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde. Garth wrote, "I don't know why it is, but there is a universal truth that when you put three teenage girls together, some serious [expletive] is going to go down."

Garth recalled in the memoir that Tori Spelling was usually the one stuck playing peacemaker. "Poor Tori, the youngest of the three of us, was, inevitably, often caught in the middle," Garth wrote, "and she was always trying to smooth things over, trying to get Shan and me off each other's backs and get along, but her efforts usually failed."

The most explosive confrontation between Garth and Doherty came when Spelling wasn't there to break the tension. Doherty reportedly pulled up Garth's skirt, which caused Garth to go on the attack. Both ladies claim they didn't get into a physical fight, saying that security and their male costars were able to pull them apart before any blows reached their intended target.

Though Spelling recalls that she and Doherty were very close, she admitted that she was partially responsible for Doherty's exit from the show. During an appearance on Lifetime's Celebrity Lie Detector, Spelling revealed that she personally asked her father Aaron Spelling to cut Doherty from the cast. This appears to be a decision that Spelling went on to regret, as she went on to explain, "I felt like I was a part of something ... a movement ... that cost someone their livelihood."

It wasn't just the female costars that had issues with Doherty. In his tell-all book, Jason Priestley: A Memoir, Jason Priestly wrote, "She really and truly did not give a [expletive]." Priestly, who played Doherty's on-screen brother Brandon Walsh, went on to say, "It was a very cool attitude, until it wasn't." In the book, Priestly claimed Doherty once scoffed at the offer of a town car rather than a limo to take her home, mentioning that these demands came before the show was even picked up.

Gossip Cop has reported on Shannen Doherty in the past, including debunking a 2018 story from OK! claiming Doherty was planning a career comeback with the Charmed reboot. On the contrary, Doherty expressed concern about the reboot, tweeting that "they" should instead do a show inspired by Charmed. That doesn't sound much like a woman about to relaunch her career. Gossip Cop also reached out to a rep for Doherty, who called the story false.

Now the cast has reunited on a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210, called BH 90210, and seem to be getting along just fine. Even Garth and Doherty are being friendly. There's nothing like a few decades to cool off a feud.

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