Shailene Woodley Marches For Bernie Sanders In New York City (VIDEO)

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Shailene Woodley March Bernie Sanders

By Shari Weiss |

Shailene Woodley March Bernie Sanders


Shailene Woodley campaigned for Bernie Sanders on Saturday, joining the “March For Bernie” in New York City. Watch videos below.

Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a cartoon Sanders riding a unicorn with the saying “Bernie Sanders Is Magical,” Woodley joined hundreds of other supporters in New York City’s Foley Square. At one point, the actress took the stage to address the large crowd. Mainly, though, she mingled with strangers, bonding over their mutual love of Sanders and their hope that he becomes president.

Throughout the event, Woodley used Twitter to encourage her own followers to join her, and shared photos and videos showcasing the rally, which stretched to Union Square. In one clip, the Divergent star filmed herself and other marchers chanting, “The people united, we’ll never be defeated.” In another, participants repeated, “Bernie Sanders has our back, we don’t need a SuperPAC.”

Woodley also retweeted a short video she filmed for Mic, explaining why she’s on board with Sanders. “Hey my name’s Shailene Woodley,” she began. “I’m here at this rally for Bernie Sanders because I believe in equal rights for the LGBT community, equal rights for women. I believe in honoring the sovereignty of Native American nations. And I believe that the one percent should not continue to run our country.”

The film and TV star went on, “I’m also here to encourage people to go volunteer, because it’s one thing to be voting ourselves, but it’s another thing to gather the community and get everybody together. So get out there! Volunteer! Phone bank! Canvas! We got this!”

The “March For Bernie” came two days after Sanders and Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton faced off in a televised debate in Brooklyn, and three days before the New York state primary. The two are in a heated match for the nomination, and both have their fair share of celebrity fans. Check out some of Woodley’s videos below.


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