“Sex And The City” Cast NOT “Signed On” For Third Movie, Despite Report

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Sex and the City Cast Signed On

By Shari Weiss |

Sex and the City Cast Signed On

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The Sex And The City cast has NOT “officially signed on” for a third movie, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story. It is 100 percent wrong.

RadarOnline is falsely announcing in a headline, “They’re Back! ‘Sex And The City’ Cast Officially Signed On To Film Third Movie.” It says in the accompanying article, “More fashion, cocktails and sex are about to hit the big screen” because “Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Candace Bushnell will officially film Sex and the City 3.” And that right there is a major red flag, with the site name-checking the author of the SATC book instead of the show’s star, Kim Cattrall.

Nevertheless, the piece goes on to quote a so-called “source,” who claims, “All the women are officially signed up for SATC movie 3. The deal is done and the script has been approved by all the women.” The supposed “insider” goes on to contend, “There was a lot of back and forth. Sarah Jessica Parker was not originally on board because she didn’t like the idea of the characters being portrayed in a more mature light.”

But it’s said “tweaks” helped “make this a reality.” The webloid’s alleged tipster explains, “The full green light for Sex and the City 3 the movie is really new. Everyone’s happy with how things have turned out and they can’t wait to get started working together again.” It’s even asserted that “shooting for the film is set to begin in the summer.”

It’s unclear if RadarOnline manufactured this report or was misinformed by its “source.” Either way, it should be filed under fake news, as it is entirely inaccurate. Michael Patrick King, SATC producer, director and writer, exclusively tells Gossip Cop in a statement, “As far as a Sex And The City 3 goes — there’s talk, there’s ideas but, as of right now, there is no script and no deals with any of the ladies.”

He adds, “But I do think it would be exciting to do another chapter of this story with those amazing actresses.” Gossip Cop agrees. In the meantime, RadarOnline clearly screwed up this announcement.

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