Seth Rogen Buying Wife Expensive Gifts To Save Marriage?

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Seth Rogen Lauren Miller Marriage

By Andrew Shuster |

Seth Rogen Lauren Miller Marriage

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A tabloid report claiming Seth Rogen is buying expensive gifts for his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, in order to save their marriage is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk the false premise. There’s plenty of evidence proving the couple’s relationship is very strong.

According to the Globe, however, the comedic actor’s wife is frustrated that he supposedly spends more time focusing on his career than their marriage. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Seth has been showering her with expensive gifts, taking her out on romantic dates and planning their next vacation when he has a few days off. He loves his career, but he realized that he couldn’t bear to lose Lauren.” The alleged source further contends that Rogen came up with the idea to dote on his wife after asking pals for advice on how to repair their relationship.

The notion that Rogen needs to buy his wife’s love is simply baseless. In fact, Miller Rogen gushed about her husband during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last week while promoting her new Netflix movie, Like Father, which she wrote and directed. After Fallon said, “I love your husband, he’s one of my favorites,” the actress and filmmaker responded, “I love him too. He’s one of my favorites as well,” and then joked, “I’m gonna keep him around.” She later added, “He’s amazing. He’s my favorite human in the whole world. He’s funny, he’s sweet… I feel very lucky every day.”

As opposed to showering his wife with material possessions and taking her on fancy date nights, Rogen has supported her by helping to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease, which her mom was diagnosed with in 2006. Rogen and his wife launched Hilarity for Charity in 2012 to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. At this year’s event, Miller Rogen told Us Weekly, “I just feel incredibly fortunate that when this diagnosis happened to my mom, and it affected my whole family, that Seth didn’t run.” She added, “He leaned in and really took care of me and listened to me and supported me and my entire family, and was just a really amazing parter.” In that same interview, the spouses said they’d be open to renewing their vows.

It’s also worth noting, Rogen produced Like Father and also has a supporting role in the film. In a recent interview with W magazine, Miller Rogen raved about the experience of working alongside her husband. “I don’t trust anyone more than I trust him, and I think he is the most talented filmmaker ever,” she said. “He’s used to working in a super collaborative world, so it was like I had a trusted companion when he was around.” It’s clear that Rogen is heavily invested in his wife’s career in addition to his own. It’s also clear that the Globe has zero insight into the happy couple’s marriage.


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