Seth Rogen, James Franco ‘Today’ Show: Watch ‘Sausage Party’ Interview (VIDEO)

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Seth Rogen James Franco Today Show Sausage Party

By Andrew Shuster |

Seth Rogen James Franco Today Show Sausage Party


Seth Rogen and James Franco appeared on Thursday’s “Today” show to discuss their new R-rated animated movie Sausage Party. Watch the full interview below!

“It’s about food in a grocery store who think that something good happens when its purchased and obviously something terrible happens,” Rogen explained about the plot of the raunchy cartoon, in which he plays a talking hot dog who discovers that humans eat food upon buying it. The actor noted his character goes on a “journey wherein he tries to illuminate the store into the reality of what happens. Meanwhile, there’s another hot dog that’s out in the world that encounters James Franco’s character, who’s just named Druggie in the movie.”

“I’m one of the only humans,” Franco explained about his role. “I don’t get to play food.” Despite the crazy premise and title, Rogen insisted the movie has been “much better received than you would think a movie about a talking hot dog would be,” adding, “We really put a lot of thought into this movie, honestly.” The actor explained his animated comedy for adults “was inspired by Pixar movies” and “has a lot of surprisingly deep ideas in it considering it’s essentially talking phalluses for 90 minutes.”

Rogen continued, “People will be surprised how much heart there is in the movie and how there’s actually a lot of theological thought that went into it.” But he did warn, “If you bring your kids to it, you are a bad parent.” Franco went on to say he thinks “it’s the best movie Seth and the gang has ever made,” further joking, “Actually, I told one of his producers, I think it might be the best movie ever made.”

Later in the interview, the two actors spoke about their years-long friendship, their parody of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s “Bound 2” music video and more. Watch Rogen and Franco’s full “Today” show interview below!


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