Seth Rogen Goofs On Kathie Lee Gifford For Not Knowing What “Escrow” Means (VIDEO)

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By Andrew Shuster |


Seth Rogen appeared on Thursday’s “Today,” during which he goofed on co-host Kathie Lee Gifford for not knowing the meaning of the real estate term “escrow.” Watch the funny video below!

Rogen and Rose Byrne visited the morning talk show to promote their new movie Neighbors 2, in which they play a married couple who regret purchasing their new home after a wild sorority moves in next door. “Escrow is tough,” the actor said about the process in which a home buyer will deposit their payment to a neutral third party, who will then hand it over to the seller only after all conditions of the sale are met.

“Let’s talk about escrow,” added co-anchor Hoda Kotb, to which Rogen joked, “Let’s talk escrow. That’s why we’re really here.” Gifford then chimed in, “It is only a California thing, isn’t it?” A confused Rogen asked, “Do they not have escrow here?” but Kotb confirmed, “Yeah they do,” to which Gifford said, “They do?”

“They have escrow!” an amused Rogen shouted. “You’re not paying attention to your real estate, Kathie Lee. They have escrow all over America.” The co-host, however, insisted “it’s called something different” in other states than California, but Rogen shot back, “I don’t think it is! Kathie Lee doesn’t know what escrow is!” But Gifford went on to maintain, “It’s not called that in Connecticut.”

Rogen went on to define escrow, saying, “It’s a time in which – pay attention Kathie – buyers are able to pull out of a purchase, even though all the paper work is done, should something become undesirable about the situation.” After the actor’s explanation, Gifford argued Rogen only knew the term because “he lives in California,” but the actor shot back, “No, it’s because I read my paperwork and I’m aware of what’s happening.”

Rogen then went on to talk about his new movie, noting how one of the plot points centers around “sororities not being allowed to throw parties,” but poked fun of Gifford again by adding, “It’s a rule in America, and it’s not just in California.” When the host gave him a dirty look, Rogen laughed, “You’re so mad at me right now,” to which Gifford admitted, “I really am! Of all the real estate deals I’ve done over the past 40 years, not once was the word escrow used!” Watch the funny video below!


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