Seth Meyers Recreates David Letterman’s Original Late Night Opening (VIDEO)

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seth meyers david letterman tribute

By Michael Lewittes |

seth meyers david letterman tribute

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Seth Meyers, as a tribute to David Letterman, whose last “Late Show” is Wednesday, did a shot-by-shot recreation of the retiring talk-show host’s original show opening from when he hosted “Late Night,” starting in 1982. Meyers, who now hosts the show, had his crew film each street and landmark, including the Empire State building and Radio City Music Hall, that was featured in the old “Late Night” video opening. See the cool video below.

In his monologue on Tuesday, Meyers acknowledged how they recreated Letterman’s original “Late Night” opening montage. Meyers noted, “We realized the biggest difference between 1982 New York City and now, today New York City is so many fewer pornography theaters. And it’s just so sad because people still bring families here for vacation, and I don’t know where they go anymore.”

Meyers joins other talk-show hosts in paying tribute to Letterman. As Gossip Cop reported, Jimmy Kimmel spent a good portion of his monologue talking about how he was obsessed with Letterman as a child, and ultimately owes the retiring talk-show host a great deal of gratitude. He noted that had it not been for an appearance with Letterman, ABC execs wouldn’t have tapped him for his own show.

Similarly, former “Late Night” host and current “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, said on-air, “This show, what ‘Late Night’ has become, is a result of [Letterman] playing with the genre and experimenting and exploring… and I, like every kid who grew up watching him, will miss him.” Fallon then took out a framed page from his 8th grade yearbook, where a middle school teacher predicted he would replace Letterman on the”Late Show.”

Watch the video below of Seth Meyer’s tribute to David Letterman, and tell us what you think.


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