Seth Meyers: Donald Trump “Showed Us Up” – Watch “The View” Video

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The View Seth Meyers Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Seth Meyers Video


Seth Meyers appeared on “The View” on Wednesday to discuss all things Donald Trump. Check out the video below.

As soon as the “Late Night” host sat down with the co-hosts, it was noted the presidency is keeping him quite busy. Meyers candidly admitted he doesn’t know if he likes that, but acknowledged, “I like being able to talk about it as a way to process it. I think if I didn’t have a show, I’d be upset all the time.” And now he could delve into the latest Trump scandal on the ABC talk show.

“It is funny to me that Donald Trump thought that by firing James Comey, he would get rid of him as a problem, because that just created a bigger problem,” Meyers said. He expressed confidence that the former FBI director did in fact have documentation of their Michael Flynn meeeting, and cracked, “I bet that Donald Trump, I’m going to say this, [he has] no memos. I don’t think Trump has ever had a meeting and said, ‘Get me a pen and paper. I want to remember this.'” For that reason, he argued it’s “most likely” Comey is the truthful one, and suggested the White House will “put off any corroboration as long as they have to.”

Meyers and the panelists looked back at his 2011 roast of Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, back when the mogul was toying with a run for the Oval Office. While he had a “grand ole time that night,” Meyers stated, “Trump showed us up. We made fun of him relentlessly, and now he’s president.” That prompted one of the co-hosts to joke, “Is this all your fault?”

And on the subject of joking, “The View” also showcased old clips of Meyers doing sketches with Trump on “SNL.” “I have spent so much of my career trying to make this man unpresidential, and he got elected anyway. I feel so ineffective,” the comedian said self-deprecatingly. He also revealed that while Trump was “game” during his appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” he “doesn’t strike me as someone who has a sense of humor.” Rather, then as in now, he was preoccupied with something else: Ratings.

Meyers revealed that Trump would routinely reach into his pocket and pull out a piece of paper with the “Celebrity Apprentice” ratings. “He was a young, 57-year-old man. I’m sure he’s changed,” quipped Meyers. The TV personality was also asked about Stephen Colbert coming under fire for his “c*ck holster joke” about Trump and Vladimir Putin. Meyers defended, “We all make decisions as late-night talk show hosts where we think the jokes are.”

And though the FCC is now investigating complaints about Colbert’s language, he admitted, “I don’t think about the FCC that much. I find a lot of other things I’m more concerned about as far as what this administration is doing. I’ll probably wish I thought about the FCC the day they kick in the doors of our show.”

Later in the chat, Meyers explained why he has “respect” for Kellyanne Conway, and Sara Haines surprised him with a bib, foam finger and blanket all personalized with disses Trump has said about him. He also played a game in which he had to quickly rattle off his would-be first questions for Trump, Comey and others. Watch the videos below.

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