Seth Meyers Golden Globes Monologue Video – Watch Golden Globe Awards Opening!

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Seth Meyers Golden Globes Monologue

By Holly Nicol |

Seth Meyers Golden Globes Monologue


Seth Meyers opened the 2018 Golden Globes on Sunday with a funny, pointed monologue about the state of Hollywood. Check out the video below!

The live show began with Meyers coming out on stage and welcoming everyone to the awards show. “Good evening, ladies and remaining gentleman,” he cracked, adding, “Happy New Year, Hollywood. It’s 2018. Marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t. It’s gonna be a good year.”

Meyers said Hollywood was in a new era, noting, “This was the year of big little lies and get out, and also the TV series ‘Big Little Lies’ and the movie Get Out.” He quipped it’s been “years since a white man was this nervous in Hollywood,” and told the male nominees that it’s the “first time in three months it won’t be terrifying to hear your name read out-loud.”

But, he warned, he himself has no power. “I’m not even in the most powerful Seth in the room,” Meyers said, referring to Seth Rogen. “Remember when he was the guy making trouble with North Korea?” He then joked that “Hollywood Foreign Press” are three words that would make Donald Trump angry, but “Hillary Mexico Salad Association” would make him angrier.

“Well, I think it’s time to address the elephant not in the room. Harvey Weinstein is not in the room,” Meyers deadpanned, going on to predict that in 20 years, he’ll be the “first person ever booed during the in memoriam.” He then took a dig at Kevin Spacey’s expense. Woody Allen was a target, too.

Of course, Meyers joked about the movies and TV shows nominated as well, with a trophy presenter coming out when he mentioned The Post. Also referenced were Call Me By Your Name and “The Deuce.” Of Oprah getting the Cecil B. DeMille, Meyers declared, “What a tremendous honor for Cecil B. DeMille.” He then hinted she should be president with Tom Hanks as her VP. “Now we just what and see,” he told everyone.

Meyers went on to use audience members like Jessica Chastain and Billy Eichner to give the punchlines of his jokes, explaining that they’d come better from them. And past Golden Globes host Amy Poehler (jokingly) called him out for “mansplaining.” Turning serious, though, Meyers gave a shout-out to activists in attendance, stressing, “What tarnished our world this year tarnishes so many others.” And he said while some will see those in attendance as “privileged Hollywood elite,” “everyone in this room knows Hollywood is so much more than that.”

“People in this room worked really hard to get here, but it’s clearer than ever before that women had to work even harder,” Meyers said. “I look forward to you leading us into whatever comes next. So thank you so much for letting me say that.”

As widely reported, in November it was announced that Meyers would host the Golden Globe Awards for the first time. His previous experience as an emecee includes hosting the ESPYS in 2010, the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011 and the Emmys in 2014. Of course, he’s also hosted Late Night since 2014, for which he’s received acclaim for smartly mixing politics with comedy. At the Golden Globes, he steps in for for Jimmy Fallon, who oversaw the ceremony in 2017.

In a recent interview with People, Meyers spoke about the importance of hitting the right notes in his opening. “With the monologue, as far as talking about anything in the news right now, it seems like this year more than ever Hollywood has its own internal politics that obviously deserve to be talked about,” Meyers said, referring to all of the sexual misconduct scandals. He added, “Going into it our focus is far more on the worlds that make these films and less on anything that’s happening in Washington.”

And that turned out to be the case, for the most part. Watch the full video below!

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