Seth MacFarlane Critics’ Choice Genius Award Video: “I Bust My Ass To Do The Best Job” – WATCH HERE!

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Seth MacFarlane Critics Choice Awards

By Michael Lewittes |

Seth MacFarlane Critics Choice Awards

(Critics Choice Awards)

Seth MacFarlane was awarded the Louis XIII Genius Award at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, held in Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and proved why he deserved it with a hilarious acceptance speech. Presenting him with the award was his good friend and A Million Ways To Do In The West co-star Charlize Theron, who said that despite being one of the most “offensive” writers, he’s tremendously successful and “single.”

MacFarlane began by noting that, as he stood on the stage, there were “a billion people watching… something else.” He went on to say that he rarely wins anything and so he’ll put the Critics’ Choice Television Award next to “my soccer participation trophy from 1988.” MacFarlane also mocked being given a “Genius Award.” He said, “Being a genius in Hollywood is kind of like being called thin at Disneyland.”

MacFarlane then pointed out that he was receiving the “Genius Award” on “the network that airs ‘Duck Dynasty,’ a show whose cast members believe hurricanes are caused by gay marriage.” More seriously, the creator of “Family Guy” and “American Dad,” and producer of “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” said, “I bust my ass, and try to do the best job with everything I do.”

He then went on to thank “my beautiful wife Alicia, who I married three hours ago, because my publicist said it would make my speech more relatable.” McFarlane also thanked FOX for taking a chance on him with his idea of “a quirky little animated show about a bumbling dad and his family, which I saw and then created ‘Family Guy.'” But mostly, he chuckled for having won an award from critics, who in the past has blasted him. MacFarlane compared the critics to a “remorseful, abusive dad” who burns his kids with cigarettes and then says, “Here’s 5 bucks because it’s Easter.” Still, the writer and producer noted he was “very grateful,” and concluded, “If my work has made the world even a tiny bit better, I would be incredibly surprised.”


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