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Reese Witherspoon’s marriage is not suffering “serious strain,” despite one frankly obnoxious tabloid article claiming otherwise. That claim is utterly false. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to a recent article published in Star, Witherspoon’s marriage to talent agent Jim Toth is not doing well. The tabloid writes that Witherspoon had “poured her heart out” about the pressures of “marriage, parenting and a demanding career” during a CBS interview that aired in May. “I’ll lay on the floor and cry,” she said. “Sometimes I’m totally overwhelmed.” “There’s talk they could be gearing up for a split,” a shady, unnamed “source” says of Witherspoon and Toth.

This suspicious tipster then goes on to state that the Big Little Lies star and her husband have been living separate lives as Witherspoon’s influence in Hollywood as an actress and producer has only continued to rise. “There’s a real imbalance of power that’s been building up,” a supposed “pal” tells the outlet. “That’s put a dangerous strain on the relationship.” She also supposedly “griped” on Instagram about life in lockdown with Toth a few months ago, writing, “Three kids at home and two working parents is NO JOKE!” The tipster finishes things up by suggesting that “people are worried” Witherspoon and Toth will “never be on the same page.”

What is it about Witherspoon’s life that this tabloid seems to resent so much? Is it her long-lasting, functional marriage free of public drama? Or is it the fact that on top of being an actress she has made a name for herself as an executive producer, an area of entertainment still dominated by men? Either way, Gossip Cop can confirm that this article is nothing more than bitter rumormongering.

First, there’s that interview on CBS. Witherspoon wasn’t specifically being asked about her marriage or her parenting, but more about her incredibly busy career as an actress and producer. After explaining that things can get “overwhelming,” she was asked what motivates her in her producing life. “I really want to change things,” she responded. “I see younger women in our industry and I want them to have a better experience,” presumably than what she had as a young actress. Interesting the tabloid decided to leave that part of the quote out.

Then there’s the idea that Witherspoon’s marriage is in jeopardy, which is simply not true. Again, that line about three kids and two working parents was clearly not meant the way this tabloid is framing it. She wasn’t complaining about Toth, she was speaking more generally about the importance of communicating with your partner and the difficulty of homeschooling your kids when you work a full-time job. At no point was she “griping” about her husband.

She even recently praised Toth as a dad in a Father’s Day Instagram post. “Happy Father’s Day to this wonderful dad and all the Fathers who are raising incredible, thoughtful, compassionate kids!” She wrote. As usual, it’s clear this supposed drama between the spouses is completely fictional.

For whatever reason, Star just loves imagining strife for Witherspoon and Toth. In February of this year, the tabloid wrote that the couple’s marriage was “hanging by a thread” after having lived “separate lives for months. Gossip Cop dismissed the rumor: Toth and Witherspoon had been spotted out on a date together a few weeks earlier, and Witherspoon had just recently showed love for her husband on Instagram with a Valentine’s Day photo of the two of them. Unless we really don’t know what “living separate lives” means, we’re pretty sure this ain’t it.

But by April, the magazine was back to insist not only that Witherspoon’s marriage was in trouble, but also those of Mila Kunis and Julia Roberts. The pressures of quarantine, allegedly, were seriously starting to get to Witherspoon and Toth, who yet again were apparently “living separate lives.” Witherspoon had previously stated that she considered herself “very lucky” to be with her husband, and had recently shared a selfie that she took with Toth and their kids to Instagram. The story was as bogus then as it was in February, and as it is now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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