Serena Williams WINS Wimbledon 2016: Celebrity Twitter Reactions

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Serena Williams Wimbledon 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Serena Williams Wimbledon 2016

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Serena Williams won the 2016 Women’s Finals at Wimbledon on Saturday, serving up some revenge against Angelique Kerber.

Kerber shockingly beat Williams at the 2016 Australian Open in January. Now, after defeating their various opponents in the Wimbledon tournament (including Kerber topping Venus Williams in the semi-finals), the two had to face off again. With Beyonce and Jay Z looking on from their courtside seats, Williams won the first set and then the second.

Williams was jubilant at the victory, to say the least. It marked her 22nd major title (tying Steffi Graf’s career Grand Slams), and the second year in a row that she took Wimbledon. She last had back-to-back wins there in 2009 and 2010, and her last Wimbledon win before this pair was in 2012.

Star Jones tweeted before the game got underway, “I’m not hitting a ball or lifting a racquet…and yet my stomach is in knots getting ready to watch @serenawilliams @Wimbledon #womensfinal.” Like her, Gabrielle Union also live-tweeted the event. She asked at one point, “Anyone else weeping while watching @serenawilliams … Just me??”

After she became champion yet again, Uzo Adbua simply tweeted, “Serena Williams. #22.” Hugh Jackman wrote, “@serenawilliams v @AngeliqueKerber @Wimbledon Serena = champion! Incredible effort. You’re a class act. #22.” Audra McDonald exclaimed, “SERENA! HOW’S THAT FOR A BEACON OF LIGHT TODAY!!!!???” Kim Kardashian said of her pal, “Congrats to my girl @serenawilliams on making history!!!!! Truly the GOAT! Thank you for inspiring the world!”

“SERENA!!!!! YES!!!! a spectacular match! Congratulations @serenawilliams,” tweeted Debra Messing. Piers Morgan also declared, “BOOM! What a champion. Congrats @serenawilliams #Wimbledon.” And Kerry Williams said, “#Serena I bow down. And am simultaneously uplifted.”

Hailee Steinfeld expressed, “YES SERENA YES.” Union shared, “Man I’m crying. @serenawilliams just put a small bandaid on my heart! Thank you!!!! Thank you my beautiful friend!” Jones also remarked, “And there you have it #gamesetmatch … @serenawilliams @Wimbledon #womensfinal #history #herstory.”

Danielle Brooks announced, “Team Serena!!!” Laverne Cox wrote, “yes ma’am. she did it. tears. #Catch22. #WimbledonFinals #Wimbledon2016. #GoSerena @serenawilliams congratulations. I love you so much!” Robin Roberts told followers “She did it!! @serenawilliams wins #Wimbledon for her 22nd Grand Slam Championship.#SimplyTheBest.”

“So happy for and proud of the greatest American athlete of all time @SerenaWilliams!! #22SinglesTitles,” wrote Rainn Wilson. Kelly Rowland stated, “Congrats to @serenawilliams for her 22nd Grand Slam title and 7th win at #Wimbledon! Making history one game at a time!” And on Instagram, Octavia Spencer said, “All hail the queen!!! @SerenaWilliams #Wimbledon.”

Back on Twitter, Michael Strahan tweeted, “Congrats @serenawilliams for reaching an incredible milestone! We celebrate 22 but I know she can’t wait to get 23.” Eva Longoria exclaimed, “Yasssssss! Congrats @serenawilliams you are the ultimate champion! Bravo!” And Taraji P. Henson gushed in an Instagram post, “CONGRATULATIONS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!! What an inspiration you are!!! God bless you!!! THANK YOU!!!@serenawilliams Giving the world LIFE Henny!!!”

Also on Instagram, Colton Haynes posted, “I am so happy right now!!! Congrats @serenawilliams !!! WE WON WIMBLEDON!!! Lol. The ball boys behind me are so happy for you too!!!:) I legit cried I am so proud of you, you are such a beautiful light & you deserve the world. #TeamSerena.” And Josh Gad simply tweeted, “Congrats to @serenawilliams! Amazing win.”

In addition to Beyonce and Jay Z, stars watching Williams’ win in person included Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Natalie Portman, and Rashida Jones. DeGeneres amusingly tweeted afterward, “Congratulations, @SerenaWilliams! This tweet is just in case you couldn’t hear me scream it from the stands.” Incredibly, Williams will be back on the court later Saturday for the Doubles championship with sister Venus. UPDATE: Serena and Venus won the Doubles!

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