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A report claiming Serena Williams "refuses to take sides" with Kim Karashian and Beyonce is fake news. This story was made up to capitalize on the two women both being at Williams' wedding last week. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

HollywoodLife initially claimed Kardashian and Beyonce had an "icy exchange" at Williams' wedding, where it was "awkward" between them and caused "drama" at the nuptials. That was completely untrue. The webloid only knew the two women crossed paths because of another outlet's reporting, and that original article made no mention of any drama, awkwardness or iciness. That was followed by a manufactured "exclusive" in which the blog claimed to know why Beyonce and Kardashian have a "tense relationship." In that piece, the site exposed itself as full of it by wondering if they got along at the wedding, after previously claiming it was "icy" and "awkward" between them.

Now the online publication is wavering again, and purporting to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned" Williams "doesn't want any 'drama,' so she's sitting this one out." This new "exclusive" contends that after Kardashian and Beyonce had "an awkward and 'icy' run-in at Serena Williams wedding, the tennis legend would like to be excluded from Kim and Bey's narrative." A so-called "source close to Serena" is quoted as saying, "Serena refuses to take sides between Kim and Beyonce. She loves them both and doesn't want to get involved in their beef."

"Serena has been friends with Kim and with Beyonce for years — she had no hesitation when it came to inviting them to her wedding, she just made it clear that she didn't want any drama," continues this alleged snitch, who further contends, "She's grateful that Kim and Beyonce managed to put their differences aside in order to celebrate with her." But didn't the webloid previously insist it was "icy" with the two women? Now the site maintains, "Outside of the awkwardness of Bey bumping into Kim at the bar, it seems that these two were able to bury their bad blood long enough to celebrate Serena's special day."

Notably, no reliable outlet has claimed there was anything awkward or icy going on at the affair. On the contrary, TMZ, for example, noted Kardashian and Beyonce were cordial at the wedding, even hugging and sharing photos of their kids, which our own sources confirmed. Also, Williams is currently on her honeymoon. She's not having sources "close" to her go tell random blogs what she thinks of Kardashian and Beyonce's supposed issues. The athlete is in her own romantic world right now, as she should be, not talking about whether she's "taking sides."

And the reason that no trustworthy publication is running a similar story is because HollywoodLies, as it's known, concocted this out of thin air. That is always a tell-tale sign: When HollywoodLies is claiming to have information that no other outlet is reporting, it's usually because the supposed scoop is fictional. The webloid is seemingly so desperate to exploit hot topics, in this case Williams' wedding with Kardashian and Beyonce among the attendees, that it favors creative writing over real reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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