Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian NOT Split, Despite “Single Mama” Speculation

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Serena Williams Not Split

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Serena Williams Not Split

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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian have not split, despite speculation she’s going to be a “single mama” simply because she isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

In an ironically-titled headline, MediaTakeOut is exclaiming on Friday, “We’re Not Trying To Start NO RUMORS… But Serena Williams Is NO LONGER Wearing Her Engagement Ring… Is She Gonna Be A SINGLE MAMA????” To be clear, the webloid isn’t “trying to start no rumors,” but actually did just exactly that. And this piece isn’t based on a long investigation or reporting with sources close to the couple. It’s 100 percent pure speculation.

“Serena Williams stopped wearing her engagement ring about a month ago. We also haven’t seen any public pics of her and her baby’s father/fiance Alexis Ohanian lately,” writes the site, adding, “We hope everything is OK with them.” Of course, if the outlet was genuinely concerned and really hoped all was well, it wouldn’t have ran a speculative piece about a breakup without having any hard evidence to back it up.

The story hinges on Williams “no longer wearing her engagement ring,” but fails to consider two factors. First off, not all women wear their engagement rings all the time. Second, Williams is pregnant, and a woman’s fingers tend to swell during pregnancy, making it difficult to wear rings. MediaFakeOut already proved how little it knows, or cares, about this when the bad blog falsely accused Beyonce of getting lip injections a few months ago, when, in actuality, her lips were swollen due to pregnancy.

The webloid just looked at the singer and jumped to a conclusion, much like it is doing now with Williams because she isn’t wearing a ring. Not to mention, this is the same online publication that, nearly a year ago, compared Williams to the Cowardly Lion in a disgusting post that body-shamed the tennis superstar for her appearance. And in 2015, the site twice falsely alleged that Williams was pregnant with Drake’s baby.

After all that, MTO has no business writing about her, especially with this fake concern about everything being okay. Williams and Ohanian are still together, Gossip Cop confirms. Furthermore, contrary to MediaFakeOut’s assertion that there haven’t been pictures of them together “lately,” just days ago the Reddit executive posted a sweet boomerang clip they shot at Williams’ baby shower on Instagram. There is no merit to this split and “single mama” speculation.