OK! Was Told Serena Williams And Drake “Not Engaged” But Ran False Story Anyway

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Serena Williams Not Engaged Drake

By Michael Lewittes |

Serena Williams Not Engaged Drake

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Serena Williams and Drake are NOT engaged, and the outlet that first published the rumor was even told well in advance of going to press that it wasn’t true, Gossip Cop has exclusively learned. In fact, we hear reps for the tennis star made it explicitly clear to OK! that Williams and the rapper are not engaged, and yet the tabloid ran its wholly false story anyway, complete with fake details about a proposal that NEVER happened.

Not surprisingly, a slew of lemming-like outlets repeated the magazine’s fabricated tale that claimed Drake proposed in his hometown of Toronto, and how Williams supposedly “said yes, but they want to keep it on the down-low for now.” None of those outlets bothered to fact-check the story and, as a result of them further spreading the engagement lie, Gossip Cop hears Williams received a number of (misguided) congratulatory texts.

A rep for the tennis star confirms to Gossip Cop, “Serena Williams and Drake are not engaged,” adding, “They are simply longtime friends.” Actually, the last part is perhaps just as significant as the engagement denial. Gossip Cop has spent an inordinate amount of time investigating this, and we found out that, contrary to speculation, Williams and Drake are 100 percent NOT even dating. A source close to the two assures Gossip Cop they’re really just pals and “not in a relationship.”

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Serena Williams and Drake are engaged.


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