Stars React To Serena Williams Losing To Roberta Vinci In U.S. Open Semifinals (VIDEO)

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Serena Williams Loses US Open

By Andrew Shuster |

Serena Williams Loses US Open

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Serena Williams was eliminated from the U.S. Open semifinals on Friday in one of the most stunning upsets in sports history. Stars are reacting now on social media to the tennis star’s surprising defeat. See celebrity reactions and video of the match below!

Unseeded Italian player Roberta Vinci somehow managed to beat Williams, the top ranked female tennis player in the world. Williams was headed for a Grand Slam, the achievement of winning all four major tennis championships in a single year, and needed only the U.S. Open win to reach the goal.

Naturally, many people are shocked by the turn of events, including a number of famous stars. First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted, “So proud of you, @SerenaWilliams. What you did this year was amazing.” Olympic athlete LoLo Jones also sent her support, writing, “I look up to her so much. Winning or in defeat. I would trade 10 of my good days for one bad day of Serena’s.”

Bette Midler was disappointed, saying, “I was really looking forward to Serena’s Grand Slam.” But the actress/singer is still holding out hope for Williams, adding, “She is one of the greatest athletes who ever lived. Next year, beautiful girl.” Star Jones was quite taken aback by the loss, writing, “Having trouble breathing…need a bit of radio silence for a few. Sending my girl @serenawilliams all the love and support I have in me!” DJ Samantha Ronson exclaimed, “I love serena williams,” adding, “I love her interview style the most!” And Katie Couric both praised Williams and congratulated her opponent: “No matter what, Serena always plays like a champion, on and off the court. Congrats to Roberta Vinci on her win.”

Gossip Cop will update as more stars react to Serena Williams’ surprising U.S. Open defeat. Watch the video from the match, and tell us what you think.


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