Serena Williams’ Looks Compared To Cowardly Lion By Shameful MediaTakeOut

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Serena Williams Appearance Looks

By Shari Weiss |

Serena Williams Appearance Looks

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Serena Williams was compared to the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz in a shameful story from MediaTakeOut. The article disgustingly attacks the superstar athlete for her looks.

The headline reads, “Serena Williams Did SOMETHING To Her Face… And Now She Looks Like The COWARDLY LION From Wizard Of Oz!!!” Accompanying it is a side-by-side photo of Williams at an event on Monday and actor Bert Lahr in costume as the lion. But there’s more to this offensive post.

“Serena Williams attended the launch of the Serena Williams Signature Statement Collection By HSN during Style360 Fashion Week. Serena wanted to look her BEST so she did SOMETHING to her face. And whatever she did looked TRAGIC,” writes the site, which adds, “Hopefully for her sake, it was just something TEMPORARY — and she didn’t LIL KIM her face for life.”

This is not the first time the outlet has made reprehensible comments about a celebrity’s appearance. In June, MTO said EJ Johnson looked like a “trans-prostitute,” and then body-shamed Kesha when she wore a bikini. Last month, there was even a story speculating, based on paparazzi photos, whether Lindsey Vonn had an STD.

And those are just the recent examples. But each time, Gossip Cop can’t help but be astounded. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether Williams did or didn’t “something to her face.” There is just no reason, NONE, to ever compare her to an animal, even one from a movie.

It’s also worth nothing that the photo of Williams (similar to the shot above) was taken at an event celebrating her latest fashion line. That’s yet another accomplishment for the groundbreaking, multi-faceted star, one for which she should be praised, instead of torn down for her appearance. Now that’s truly cowardly.

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