Selena Gomez: Zedd Has “Beautiful Eyes”

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Selena Gomez Zedd Engaged

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Zedd Engaged

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Selena Gomez loves Zedd’s “beautiful eyes.” The singer sang her rumored boyfriend’s praises in a new interview on Radio Disney’s “The Alli Simpson Show,” which airs Friday night.

When asked about the deejay and producer, with whom she collaborated on “I Want You To Know,” Gomez said, “He’s great, and he cares so much about the meaning of his songs.” And on a personal level, she added, “He’s this cute little German, and he’s got really beautiful eyes, and he’s very sweet and funny.”

And while she thinks he’s “cute,” Gomez also says she respects how hard-working he is. She also added that he’s “very talented.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the two met by coincidence. Zedd was nearby the studio in which Gomez was recording and desperately needed to use the bathroom. He noted an interview with 97.1 AMP Radio, “So I walk in, and John, the head of our label, who had just signed Selena, was there… He was like, ‘Have you ever met Selena?’ That was literally the next thing he said… So he introduced me to her, and was like, ‘Hey, she’s cool, maybe we should make a song together.’ And then like a week later, we start working on a song. All because I had to pee.”

Since then, the two have been super close, with Zedd even visiting Gomez on the Atlanta set of The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving before she began filming. For the past few months, the two have been repeatedly spotted together smiling and laughing. What do you think about Gomez’s latest comments about Zedd?


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