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A story about why Selena Gomez has "no reason to worry" about Justin Bieber partying was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the report. The phony "exclusive" comes from a website that has spent years peddling manufactured tales about the on-and-off couple.

We are, of course, referring to HollywoodLife, which has been even more focused on Bieber and Gomez since they reunited late last year. On a near-daily basis, the site pretends to have insight on the stars. Usually, however, the information is proven to be wrong or inauthentic. As we've pointed out numerous times, those close to the pair don't talk about their personal lives with HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed. Gomez is on record calling the blog the "worst," while Bieber has slammed it as "hurtful" and "garbage."

The outlet often shows that it's actually uninformed, and that's the case now. On Thursday, Bieber joined a number of people at a birthday party for celebrity jeweler Ben Baller, who is friendly with a number of stars. The superstar was at the bash with a few of his everyday pals, including those connected to his childhood, church and career. But because Gomez did not attend the event, the online publication ran a headline wondering, "Justin Bieber Parties The Night Away In LA Without Selena Gomez: Are They Over?"

It was a ridiculous question. People can attend birthday parties at night clubs without their significant others. But HollywoodLies used Bieber's non-scandalous outing to ask, "Is everything OK in paradise?" Hours later, the website suddenly claimed to know the answers to both questions. "Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Why She Has No Reason To Worry About Him Partying All Night In LA," declares the headline to this new piece, in which it purports to have "exclusive details on why" Bieber's "recent night out in LA shouldn't worry his girlfriend."

"Justin Bieber might not be in the dog house after all," contends the blog, as if the singer should be in trouble for attending a pal's birthday party. The site goes on to assert, "Although this sighting had many of us thinking there could be trouble in paradise, it turns out Justin was on his best behavior." This is based on a so-called "eyewitness," who supposedly shared that Bieber that was "legitimately having fun," and appeared "very relaxed" while "socializing with everyone."

It's odd, though, that a supposed "eyewitness" would know the performer well enough to comment, "He seems to have found a peace about him that many haven't seen in him a long time." The alleged tipster goes on to maintain Bieber "took most of the night to dance throughout with his friends as well and he wasn't dancing with girls, so Selena should not have to worry one bit as he never once flirted or danced or carried on with any girls."

"What a relief," exclaims the outlet, as if Bieber was untrustworthy and there was major reason to question how he behaved. Multiple photos and videos have surfaced on Instagram from the party, none of which suggested he let loose in an inappropriate way. But simply because Gomez wasn't by his side, HollywoodLies wanted to stir the pot. And then after stirring the pot, it wanted to appear to have inside knowledge on what really went down.

Of course, if HollywoodLies really had contacts close to Bieber and Gomez, as it so often claims, it should've been able to find out from the start that there was no reason for her to "worry" about him spending a night partying. But as is abundantly clear by now, the website makes it up as it goes along. See screengrabs of the two headlines below.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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