Story About Selena Gomez Trusting Justin Bieber “More Than Ever” Is Made-Up

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Selena Gomez Trusts Justin Bieber

By Holly Nicol |

Selena Gomez Trusts Justin Bieber

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A new story claiming Selena Gomez trusts Justin Bieber “more than ever” after rekindling their romance is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this manufactured article. We’re told much of it is fabricated.

HollywoodLife writes in its newest fan-fiction, “Bieber and Gomez have been through some heartbreaking moments in the past,” and “all that turmoil has set the stage for a relationship founded in trust, making their latest attempt at romance better than ever.” In an effort to support its premise, a so-called “insider” is magically trotted out and quoted as saying, “Selena came to a happy realization over the holidays that she really does trust Justin now more than ever. Justin has grown, matured and Selena’s experience with him this time around has been completely different.”

The website’s same supposed “source” goes on to contend that Gomez has “total faith in his loyalty and does not feel uncomfortable at all while he is traveling or on the road away from her.” The blog’s questionable tipster adds, “Selena checks in with him regularly and feels totally secure in their commitment to each other. This new level of trust feels great to Selena.”

But as Gossip Cop has noted in previous stories, it’s hard to believe a legitimate source close to the couple spoke to the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies, a website Gomez called “the worst” in an interview with Billboard. Just two weeks ago, Gossip Cop called out the blog for churning out a slew of untrue stories that alleged Gomez and Bieber were spending Thanksgiving together. At the time, the outlet swore up and down all its Thanksgiving articles were based on inside information from sources close to the two singers, but they were all lies.

As for this latest piece of fiction, a source close to Gomez tells Gossip Cop it’s “completely made-up.” Her relationship with Bieber is good, but it isn’t nearly as serious as portrayed by HollywoodLies. While the two are spending time together, Bieber and Gomez’s romance has been more low-key than portrayed by certain outlets. The often discredited website’s assertion about Gomez “trusting” Bieber more than ever is not only exaggerated, but it is also fabricated.

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