Selena Gomez NOT Trying To Trap The Weeknd By Getting Pregnant With His Baby

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Selena Gomez Pregnant The Weeknd Baby

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Pregnant The Weeknd Baby

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Selena Gomez is not “trying to trap” The Weeknd by getting pregnant with his baby, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news story. We’re told all talk of her being “desperate” to have a baby with The Weeknd is simply “false.”

RadarOnline begins its latest untrue article by noting that Gomez needs to slow down with the “druggie rapper.” That already is factually inaccurate. The Weeknd is an R&B and pop singer, not a rapper, making it difficult to believe anything else in the often disproven site’s story.

Still, the webloid claims “friends” of Gomez fear she’s “desperately trying to have a baby” with The Weeknd, so that they stay together. The repeatedly discredited outlet then has a so-called “source” quoted as saying, “Some of Selena’s family believes that she is trying to trap him into getting her pregnant.” Could the webloid be any more vague with its assertions about “friends” and “some of Selena’s family” being afraid she’s trying to get pregnant?

The same seemingly fabricated “source” maintains Gomez feels she should bring a baby into the world because “it is the only thing in life that she has not yet experienced.” While it’s true Gomez has dealt with love, heartache and a slew of made-up stories by fake news outlets, is it really the “only thing” she’s hasn’t experienced?

Gomez is “afraid that [The Weeknd] is going to leave her,” continues the website’s supposed “insider,” who bizarrely adds in equally vague and unnatural language that “certain family members… believe she is still trying to get back at Justin Bieber.” Are the “certain family members” who think she’s trying to get back at Bieber the same or different from “some of Selena’s family” who believe she’s trying to trap The Weeknd by getting pregnant? Not only is the blog’s article devoid of concrete evidence and, at times, contradictory, but it’s also 100 percent wrong and sounds phony.

Based on the sheer inaccuracy of its latest article, Gossip Cop has to assume the outlet relied on the same ill-informed (or concocted) “insider” who convinced it a few week ago to publish that Gomez and The Weeknd had split up. Or maybe the site got its information from the same “source” who told it Gomez was the cause of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split. Either way, the webloid clearly posts fake news stories from untrustworthy individuals. And this tale is no exception. An impeccable Gomez confidante, who has helped Gossip Cop bust RadarOnline’s previous fibs, assures us the new claim about her trying to get pregnant with The Weeknd’s baby so she can “trap” him into staying with her is entirely “false.”

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