Selena Gomez Top Rumor Of 2017: Pregnant, Marrying The Weeknd

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Selena Gomez Top Rumor 2017

By Holly Nicol |

Selena Gomez Top Rumor 2017

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Just weeks after it was revealed they were dating, Life & Style falsely alleged Selena Gomez was pregnant and marrying The Weeknd. The tabloid has a fondness for “pregnant bride” covers, which is why it manufactured yet another one when the singer-actress reunited with Justin Bieber this past November. But, as Gossip Cop reported at the time, there was no wedding or baby for Gomez with either male singer.

In February, the magazine maintained in a cover story (below) that Gomez was pregnant and marrying The Weeknd. The publication even quoted a so-called “source” as asserting, “[Gomez] has dropped several hints that she’s expecting, complaining to those close to her that she’s too tired to stay out and that she feels nauseous… She’s having weird cravings, and she can’t stop eating ice cream.” The supposed “insider” further maintained, “Before any bundles of joy can be welcomed, there are vows to be exchanged.”

Of course, the only thing birthed was the tabloid’s lie about Gomez and The Weeknd. As Gossip Cop was exclusively told at the time, the actress was not pregnant and certainly not planning a wedding with the singer. And 10 months after being together, not only wasn’t there a baby, but also Gomez and The Weekend had split up. Not long after that, she was spotted with her ex-boyfriend, prompting the tabloid to publish an almost identical story about how Gomez was going to be a “pregnant bride” with Bieber.

Time will tell if there’s any truth to the latter tale, but Gossip Cop was told there’s no reason to believe Gomez is walking down the aisle with Bieber’s baby anytime soon. In the meantime, we hope publications like Life & Style fact-check their cover stories better in 2018. And should they be so wrong, such as when the tabloid claimed Gomez was going to be a “pregnant bride,” it would be nice if they noted their error in a subsequent issue.

Selena Gomez Pregnant Bride

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