Selena Gomez, The Weeknd “Marriage” Story Is Clickbait

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Selena Gomez The Weeknd Marriage

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez The Weeknd Marriage

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Selena Gomez is being ridiculously linked to The Weeknd’s quotes on marriage in a shamefully sensational story. Gossip Cop can expose the clickbait.

On Thursday, GQ published its new cover story on The Weeknd, in which he discusses everything from his music career to his thoughts on Donald Trump to his feelings about marriage. None of this had or has anything to do with Gomez. But HollywoodLife is blaring, “The Weeknd Admits ‘Marriage Is Scary’: Should Selena Gomez Be Worried?”

“Cover your ears, Selena Gomez! In his interview with ‘GQ,’ the singer’s new man, The Weeknd, made a shocking confession: He’s totally afraid of marriage. Should Sel be worried about getting too serious with him!?” asks the widely discredited outlet, which says to readers, “Do you think The Weeknd’s comments about marriage should be a red flag for Selena?

Please. This interview was conducted long before Gomez and The Weeknd stepped out together for the first time on Tuesday. There is no reason to tie her to the remarks, except for being sensational. But that’s not the only problem here.

After the photos of Gomez and The Weeknd kissing emerged, HollywoodLies suddenly had “sources” not only confirming the relationship, but also exclaiming how Gomez was “falling hard” for him and was so “happy that world knows” about their romance. And yet, in this latest article, the site says it’s a “possible new relationship,” and uses phrases like, “if a romance is blossoming here.” There’s even this part:

“Of course, [we] still don’t know the exact nature of Sel’s relationship with the ‘Starboy’ singer. In fact, the latest buzz is that she may actually just be appearing in his new music video for ‘Party Monster.'”

But just yesterday, the webloid knew everything about seriousness of the romance! This huge flip-flop comes after Gossip Cop called out the outlet for making up FIVE “exclusive” stories about Gomez and The Weeknd. Clearly, as this blatant contradiction about the stars’ status shows, we were right. But while HollywoodLies is now using factual information, the Weeknd’s GQ quotes, as the basis for its new piece, it is still nothing more than sensational clickbait to involve Gomez. In other words, it’s an example of fake news when it should be a non-story.

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