Selena Gomez Does NOT Think The Weeknd Is Cheating, Despite Report

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The Weeknd Cheating Selena Gomez

By Michael Lewittes |

The Weeknd Cheating Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez does not think The Weeknd is cheating on her, despite an inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop looked into the story, and it’s totally off-key. We’re told the claim is “absurd.”

The new “cheating” allegation comes courtesy of In Touch, the same unreliable outlet that published nearly three years to the date that Gomez was “pregnant” with Justin Bieber’s baby. Much like that story, the current one involving The Weeknd is filled with over-the-top quotes from unnamed sources and claims with zero evidence to back them up. Curiously, in this new tabloid article that maintains Gomez is “freaking out because she thinks The Weeknd is cheating on her,” it doesn’t make mention how it recently noted how happy the couple is and (wrongly) asserted Gomez is getting married to The Weeknd this summer.

A skeptic might say the magazine can’t keep track of its lies. A pragmatistic might say the outlet publishes untrue stories, and after gets caught it simply moves on to the next tall tale. Either way, the tabloid is wrong. And it continues that streak with its current article that alleges Gomez saw “super flirty” texts on his phone. (As an aside, did you ever notice how texts in the gossip publications are alway “super flirty” and never like the one the rest of us receive, such as “running late” and “on your way home, can you pick up ice cream?”)

Anyway, the magazine claims Gomez somehow or another saw “super flirty” texts on his phone, and confronted The Weeknd who “denied everything.” Then, in typical tabloid fashion, the outlet backs away from its claims by having its seemingly phony “insider” say that, while she “just can’t get over” his texts, Gomez plans to “follow him on tour” so she can “keep an eye on him.”

You know what happens when tabloids try to play both sides of the road? They get run over by a Gossip Cop patrol car. Here’s what’s really going on: Gossip magazines like drama, and when there isn’t any, they seemingly manufacture it. In this case, In Touch used the old staple of “flirty” texts that one person shouldn’t have seen, yet did. Amazingly, the outlets somehow or another always know about these very personal moments, presumably because they have reporters hiding under beds or in between couch cushions. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with an actual Gomez pal, and we’re assured the entire story is untrue and “absurd.”

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