Story Claiming Selena Gomez “Hopeful Justin Bieber Will Spend Thanksgiving With Her” Is NOT True

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Thanksgiving

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Thanksgiving

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A story claiming Selena Gomez is “hopeful Justin Bieber will spend Thanksgiving with her” is not true. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned Gomez will be celebrating the holiday in Texas with her family and Bieber will not be a part of the festivities. We can debunk what is clearly a made-up report.

And unsurprisingly, this manufactured tale comes from HollywoodLife, a webloid that Gomez and Bieber have both publicly criticized. In fact, the singer-actress once told fans on Instagram that the site is “never true.” It certainly isn’t being truthful with this purported “exclusive,” in which the outlet claims it “EXCLUSIVELY learned” Gomez has “romantic plans” for the holiday. It’s specifically alleged she’s been “hoping” Bieber will “spend the upcoming holiday with her and her family and even wants to cook some family recipes for him.”

To lend credence to this concocted fan-fiction, the online publication quotes a so-called “source close to Selena,” even though those legitimately close to her would never speak with a blog she so strongly dislikes. This alleged snitch is quoted as saying, “Justin and Selena are making plans, figuring out where and how they will spend the holiday but Selena made it clear to him that even if it’s not happening on Thursday, she wants to make some of her favorite traditional dishes for him. Her family has a killer recipe for stuffing, mashed potatoes and Selena also loves how her mom makes a Texas Pecan Pie, so Selena is excited to share her family traditions with Justin.”

What’s more is that HollywoodLies, as it’s known, further asserts the couple wants to use the holiday as a chance for Bieber to “make a good impression on Selena’s family.” Contends the supposed tipster, “While Selena is eager to share food and her family with the new and improved version of Justin, the holiday is equally important for Justin. He wants to impress Selena’s family and show up with something yummy too.” But none of this is actually happening.

Gossip Cop is exclusively told by a family insider that not only is Gomez spending Thanksgiving in Texas with her relatives, but she’s already there. So the above contention that she and Bieber are “making plans, figuring out where and how they will spend the holiday” is patently false. It’s also false that he will be joining Gomez for the occasion. There are currently no plans for Bieber to take part in the gathering. Oh, and for good measure, our impeccable contact jokes that the “biggest lie” here is that Gomez’s mom actually knows how to make pecan pie, which she does not.

So, no, there will not be a “Jelena Thanksgiving” on Thursday, and HollywoodLies would’ve known that if it actually had real sources. But the webloid ended up claiming the opposite because, as per usual, it does not know what it’s talking about.