Is Selena Gomez "terrified" The Weeknd will do a tell-all interview about their failed relationship? That's the claim that surfaced online on Monday. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

"Selena's Nightmare! Gomez 'Terrified' Over The Weeknd's Revenge Tell-All," blares the headline from RadarOnline, which claims now that the singer-actress has reunited with Justin Bieber, she's "dreading" her ex-boyfriend will "exact revenge in the shape of a revealing expose." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "She's terrified he'll do a sit-down interview, spilling intimate details about their romance and how badly she screwed him over."

There's been zero indication that Gomez "screwed over" The Weeknd, but the site's supposed snitch asserts, "Abel's very angry and vengeful right now, his hatred for Justin is off the charts and not a day goes by he doesn't go on the warpath. He's a sensitive guy, there have been a lot of tears, and his main source of comfort has been to talk about it with friends. The next step will be going public, and Selena's terrified."

It's possible, likely even, that The Weeknd will be asked about his romance about Gomez in future interviews, particularly if it's an in-depth magazine piece, similar to how she was often asked in the past about Bieber after their breakup. Gomez knows it's pretty standard for stars to reflect on former relationships in interviews, so she's not in a panic over the possibility, contrary to this report's implication. In fact, she knows she'll probably be asked about him, too. Gossip Cop is further told Gomez is also not concerned about what The Weeknd could say, as nothing actually scandalous happened.

Their relationship simply ran its course, as many do, particularly among celebrities who have to juggle various obligations. They spent time apart, distance grew between them and their interest in each other faded. It's that simple and that boring. In addition, it was already reported nearly three weeks ago that The Weeknd did the breaking up, not Gomez, and it had nothing to do with her spending time with Bieber. Why, then, would he be "angry and vengeful"? RadarOnline is presenting a narrative that doesn't jive with reality.

Gossip Cop would also be remiss not to point out that the online publication peddled a number of false stories during the 10 months the former couple was together. In February, the outlet wrongly claimed the relationship was over just weeks after it began, and in May, it was outrageously alleged Gomez was "trying to trap" The Weeknd by getting pregnant with his baby. More recently, in October, the webloid essentially accused Gomez of cheating with Brad Pitt. Gossip Cop busted each of these evidence-free reports when they came out, and time has proven we were right. The site has no credibility or proof to support its latest contentions now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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