HollywoodLife is still trying to capitalize on the Taylor Swift trial with fake news, and now the webloid is attempting to dupe Selena Gomez fans, too. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

After Swift gave testimony in the groping trial this week, HollywoodLies exploited the very serious situation by pretending to have "exclusive" insight on how the singer was feeling following her time the witness stand. The article, however, was wholly manufactured just to attract traffic through the high level of interest in the legal dispute. No one close to Swift gave the webloid any scoop, and the site falsely claimed it had inside knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes.

It is now continuing to do so with a new story headlined, "Selena Gomez Has Taylor Swift's Back During Emotional Trial: 'Her Support Is Unwavering.'" In the piece, the outlet claims it "exclusively learned" how the pals are sticking together during this difficult time. But it becomes obvious in the very first "source" quote that this report was completely fabricated. "She's texted with Taylor a few times during her trial in New York," the almost assuredly non-existent tipster says of Gomez. But Swift's trial is taking place hundreds of miles away in Denver.

It has nothing to do with New York, yet the bogus online publication still goes on to write, "The blonde pop star took the stand in NYC on Aug. 10." No, she took the stand in the capital of Colorado. HollywoodLies and its "source" (ahem) have no idea where the trial is taking place, but readers are supposed to believe it has scoop on Swift's feelings and how Gomez is helping her? Please. Of course, there's additional reason not to buy this "exclusive."

Gossip Cop has been told again and again that Gomez and Swift's camps are, understandably, not fans of HollywoodLies. Those in the stars' inner circles tend not to give personal information to the webloid. This is the same site that Gomez publicly called the "worst" and said was "never true ever." And every week, the outlet continues to live up to that. As we previously noted, it's despicable that this dubious publication is trying to exploit something as serious as a sexual assault trial for its own gain. Its everyday fake news is bad enough, but trying to fool Swift and Gomez fans with made-up stories on such an important topic is even more inexcusable.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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