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Whether or not Selena Gomez still thinks about The Weekend on occasion, Gossip Cop is told that no one directly connected to the singer-actress would tell such a thing to a gossip blog. This is another seemingly manufactured story, one that was apparently constructed to rile up fans.

The serial fabricators at HollywoodLife are announcing, "Selena Gomez Still 'Thinking' About The Weeknd Even Though She's Happy With Justin Bieber." It seems the intention was to attract fans of the two couples by leaving the door open for Gomez and The Weeknd's future while not throwing water on her current romance with Bieber. The site claims that although the former child star is "winding down 2017" with Bieber "instead of" The Weekend, it has obtained "EXCLUSIVE details on how she's thinking about her ex."

"Selena is not ending her year the way she anticipated at all. She was expecting to spend the holidays with The Weeknd, he was invited to be with her and her family and they had all kinds of plans," a so-called "source close to the singer" is quoted as saying. "But instead she's making different plans with Justin. It's not something she ever saw coming, but she's happier than she has ever been." That section seems designed to appease "Jelena" supporters.

Then for the "Abelena" fandom, the site's supposed snitch offers, "Still, she can't help but think about The Weeknd at times. It bothers her that their friendship kind of fell apart and she does hope they can fix it." But to avoid giving the false impression that Gomez is now doubting her renewed relationship with Bieber, the alleged tipster adds, "But mostly her mind is on Justin and how happy they are right now."

The outlet goes on to acknowledge that Gomez spoke to Billboard about her split with The Weeknd, saying, "Something that I'm really proud of is that there's such a true friendship [between us]... We ended it as best friends." But the blog asserts that she maintained "her breakup with The Weeknd was a friendly one, even though he proved it was the opposite by scrubbing her from all of his social media and stopped following her." And that seems to be the impetus for this story.

Because The Weeknd cut social media ties with Gomez, as many people do when a relationship ends, the online publication is assuming there's a problem with their friendship. And so it concocted this narrative about how she's "still thinking" about him and wants to repair their dynamic. In actuality, though, the webloid known as HollywoodLies actually has no idea what the current state of their friendship is because, contrary to the above contentions, no real "source close to the singer" would ever tell the site private information about her personal life.

In fact, Gossip Cop has been exposing the blog's made-up stories about Gomez and The Weeknd for 11 months now, beginning right when their relationship went public. The outlet naturally tried to capitalize on the new couple by pretending to have insight. Nearly a year later, it is still trying to do so... and failing.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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